Oct 5, 2008

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

As today is the Erntedankfest, we planned to visit the neighboring town, to observe their Harvest Festival.
We planned to drive in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, as if give already the Fresh-New grapes wine.

So, look at Kim and me, our attired is to go in the festival.

But our Tourist guide has decided to go in Wolfsburg ---Castle.

First, I share our pics, of Kim, we passed a park which the flowers are still blooming.

nice posing, isn´t it?.......smile

So, walking along the grapes yard, Kim wants to have some grapes, not only her, me too.
But I do only touch it...............as these pics...............lol

walay police........faster!!!!!

See, only kim................heheheheheh

OK, I have to continue tomorrow, my eyes will already falling down...it is already dark here, so my eyes are automatic to closed........tomorrow, I continue to post our happenings today.

Goodnight my friends............................

God bless


Nance said...

he he he ... you and Kim are funny! and you two look like sisters!
vicki, pag may time ka, pasyalan mo ang blog ko, meron akong post na mas mahabang vid ng anak ko. kasi maraming nag-request na gusto daw nilang makita na mahaba konti.

love your pic with Kim, ganda ng relationship ninyo.

Lisa said...

nice photos you have here Vicki. Thanks for sharing.

Lily said...

Passing by here my dear wishing you a great and wonderful week ahead, karon lang naka laag laag unsa-on man gud tugnaw na lami na permi tikongkong.

Like those photos above labina kamo ni Kim sweet gyud ni Kim oi, its a great feeling gyud pag anak sweet lagi sa? thanks for always sharing your adventures take care and regards to everyone specially to your family.

God bless.

ann said...

Malamig na pala dyan sa inyo ngayon, dito papalamig pa lang although may water heater na kami sa umaga.

Para lang kayong magkapatid.

Sherry said...

first I love the pics and the weather must be nice yeah. Its hot here..

fortuitous faery said...

you have such a lovely daughter! move over, marian rivera! hehe. siempre, saan pa magmamana kundi sa iyo?

just dropping by from new jersey....happy autumn! :)

Rolly said...

Nangawat baya mig grapes diha.

Ylan said...

nice photos vikay! nice kaau ang mga view and of course ang mga models ;)

diay, ako na maimagine inyoha dapit kay maau man kaau pagka describe through the pics.. murag mingaw noh? or wala kaau namuyu? or dili lang gyud maglakawlakaw sa dalan? hehe.