Oct 6, 2008

Going to Wolfsburg-Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

Yesterday, we planned to go in the feast only in Neustadt, but the problem is this, Bernie can´t drink, because he knows already that i will not drive if it is a little far from our place and I don´t know the street,

So we take our walk to the Forest, ..........See, with our shoes, is this for Wandering shoes?

I share some of our pics. of Kim; Bernie was our photographer, so he has not much actions of himself.......posing talaga kami ni kim......smile

We are just only enjoy of posing here and there, as if we are Foto model......ngkkk

Walking along the pathway going inside the forest, the surrounding was so wonderful., as we have luck that the sun is shining.

Wandering there makes us happy and full of excitement, which full of chestnut in the ground....

If we have a plastic bag, we gather some, but as what I say, our tourist guide, did not inform us that we go in the forest instead in the Festival.

Bernie n Vk


lolli said...

ahehehhe namoot ko mga tekse kaayo pag ando sa lasang diay gi dala ni bernecious :)
infairness mga gwapa kaayo ang duha ka model. :)

Rolly said...

Daghan bang rambutan diha vk.

Naunsa man ning imo balay nga nagkaguliyang man.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi rolly,

thanks sa information ha?
nagkaguliyang man diay ni uy....

salamat kaayo,

ako gamit kay google, ok ra cya,
pero kung IE gamit, aguy nagka yabag diay....

thanks kaayo.......

sa google gani wlay music, pero sa IE duna........

thanks again.........

visit ra nya ko, bc pa ron....

thanks sa visit ha?

Heart of Rachel said...

Beautiful shots! You look so cool in your white boots.

Those beautiful trees make an amazing backdrop.

Nance said...

Vk, you and Kim looks like sisters ... and both surely are so stylish!

shoshana said...

lingaw kaayo tan-awon Vikie. Ganahan kog tan-aw sa imong mga litrato

Lily said...

Hello Vickim

Thanks for keep passing by my place. bisan panagsa lang ma update.

Anyways na lingaw ko tan-aw sa mga photos nindot kaayo siya og background Vicks fall na kaayo. nahan ko sa lugar nga inyo na laagan, nindot kaayo tan-awon gikan sa taas.
Ka sweet ninyo dinha tan-awon ni Kim murag sister lang mo bah.Ilove it.

Salamat sa pag share kanunay sa inyong adventures Vicks, love all the photos.

Naa diay ko award nimo kuhaa lang niya kong naa kana time ha.

Wishing you and your family a great and wonderful week-end.
take care and God bless.

ness said...

how sweet kaayo!

thanks for sharing. lovely photos.

Babette said...

Hi Vks, these are nice photos. Magaling talaga si Bernie huh. Give my regards to Bernie. I miss you both, parati ko naaalala yung meeting natin. :)