Oct 15, 2008

Thank You for all these Wonderful Award

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all these Awards;

Bonbon aka Vicki - She´s a true friend of mine, she’s funny, outspoken, honest and real.

Mahal Kaau = Love her hair, love her fashion and style, love her blog and when she make entries, its not just an ordinary writing but she put all her heart to it. Also, she always includes loads of photos.

Again, thanks so much.

"Thank you for, your friendship true.
For being there, for being you.
For your heart, so good and kind.
A truer friend, I could ever find.
Thank You."


Nance said...

you are welcome, vk!
... kaya madaming nagbibigay sa 'yo ng awards, kasi,you are so sincere, thoughtful and sweet.
stay as sweet as u r, 'k?

Mari said...

You won't regret having Nance for a friend Vicki. She's down to earth...a real true person...a...ah...I'm lost for words.

Stay sweet always.

ethel said...

ahehehhe daghana sa imo award Bon uy,
tiningob diay ka mo post ug award :)
you deserve those awards.
Stay sweet and a good prend :)

Dennis Villegas said...

Hi Ma'am Vicki, I'm very fortunate that some of your friends are my friends, too :)

marikay said...

Hi Vicki, you sure got lots of awards. You deserve them. You are such a good soul and good person. Plus your blog is fun to view and your topics are always so interesting and happy. God bless to you and your family...

Lily said...

Aloha Vickie,

Wow! Congratulation Vickie, you deserve all those awards.

Take care, wishing you and your family a very great and lovely week-end.

God Bless.