Oct 12, 2008

Limburgehof, I live.............Autumn

This Post I offer to my Sister Belma "Dingsan" (pls. click your name), that she will see where we live and how it looks like here, which someday she will already AGREE to visit us.

We live only in a small Town with population of around 10,000 families.

the main street...........

Limburgerhof is near to all, I mean like the City, shopping center, drs. clinics---which are almost complete of drs. practices here, drogeries, groceries, bakeries, butchers, school-from kindergarten to secondary course, Marien Hospital, and way of transportation......Bus and Tren.
So I would say, own Car is not so compulsory, because the transportation is easy.

BASF Agricultural, Laboratory Research Center is also here.

After our lunch, we roamed around in our place;
we live in the South side of Limburgerhof.

This is our Flat, the right side-under. Every Apartment, are only 4 families. Our garage is the first row.

This village-Apartment is owned by BASF, too.

going to town center--1km, k-garten-100mts n elem. school 400 mts. away from us

k-garten n elem. school,

going to BASF-Agricultural Center---300mts.away from us, cemetery n forest

BASF parking place

going to the forest

the cemetery

going to the forest, here i always do my jogging, walking or just take a walk to passed the time.

going to the neighboring town.........

Back to Limburgerhof...................

this street going to my MIL

One of the Apartments of BASF.........

Going to my MIL.....at my back are the apartments good for the Old or leaving alone,
it is like Home for the Ages or there is anybody who cares for them. (Senioren Haus)
This Apt. is our plan to live when we are already old or needs anybody who cares us....plan only,if God´s will....

Apartment where my MIL lived...........the 3rd windows from down.

at the balcon views.........Basf apartments, too.

kim have a scarf, self-made from her Oma, n I??????

Going home.........these houses owned also by BASF, for rent or you can buy, if you like........

the way I do my short walk for sweating.......

I want more to share some pics. But I think what I post here are too much already,
If you have time, please view our Webshots Album, there are more pics, we want to share.

Thank You for sharing your time to us.

Have a wonderful weekdays……………

"Dingsan, hope you enjoy viewing the place I lived, and plan to come here, we´re waiting ."


Euroangel said...

musta na diha dae Vicki..kasuroy na jud ko diri utro..nindot pud inyo place uy...nindot jud germany sa...ayo2 diha..God bless!!

Dennis Villegas said...

Hi Ma'am: You have a beautiful place and rustic peaceful neighborhood. The place is very and has very scenic views, postcard perfect! Thank you for sharing your pictures, para na rin akong namasyal sa Germany....I love the falling leaves, parang and sarap higaan heheheh

Lawstude said...

hello. seems like a quiet and clean place. thnak you for the tour around your place.

fortuitous faery said...

miss vicki, i added you to my links! :)

what a coincidence, my family has a german friend who works for BASF...he travels back and forth from germany to the US for that company.

they're the ones i mentioned to you who live in bundenthal....their town is close to the french border. they live close to "deutsches weintor."

they tell us that it's very expensive to shop for clothes in germany...perhaps in europe in general, too.

Haze said...

Believe gyud ko nimo Vikai, ikaw na gyud ang most glamorous mother of the year!

Grabi, hapsay kaau ang balay, hapsay ug dagway, nindotan ko sa inyoha kurtina dah.. uNYA labaw sa tanan fashionista pa gyud. Buhok lang daan wani na ang tanan.

Samot tong buhok sa bisdak grabe ka ulbo uy. Tua akong comments daghan kaau.

Love all your photos with Kim mura nimo igsoon.....kinsa may photographer ana?

Na hala, balik2x rako batsi sa....

Maaung adlaw kaninyo tanan!

das said...

Sunday is the day for families, and there are many restaurants that can substitute for grandmother's rambling, comfortable house. Some offer meals family style on Sundays: platters of food that serve anwhere from two to six or more.

irel said...

hello madame vk, naenjoy jud kos imong mga pictures maam. nindut biatw ilakawlakaw sa neighborhood kita. kami maglakaw mi nganhi man sa park luyo sa amoa. ganahan pod ko kay fall na ron dili kaayu init an ddili pa jud kaayu bugnaw.

nahal amama enjoy sa imo week and tc mwah

Mari said...

Vicki, I like small towns like yours. Tahimik at malinis pa. My town here was like that before until progress came and developers started building more homes. Ngayon ma-traffic na dito, marami ng business, magulo na rin. It used to be so peaceful, so quiet. Nothing we can do about it.

Thanks for taking us on a tour of your small quiet town.

Fernando C. Zamora said...

halo. salamat sa imong pagtanda sa akong payag. nindot jud ang lugar nga imong gipuy-an tataw kaayo nga malinawon kini ug ang palibot sus sakto jud sa gustog kalinaw sa pamuyo. kini ray murag bukid nga limpyo dili pareha sa kasagaran sa atong bukid kay walay hilam-os ang palibot hehehe usahay pod ang tawo walay hilam-os. sus ginoo. ingon ani pod nga dapit ang akong gusto, cguro ingon ana sab basta murag tiguwang na ang atong panghunahuna. :-)

Midas said...

Vickie, this is beautiful! I am not seeing any Fall colors yet the leaves are almost gone. Drat...cheated out of colors again.

Wafa kaayo imong walking path. Kinsa nagkuha sa imong litrato?

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Simply_Haze said...

hello vikai , got u tagged here

kuha-a aron di ka ma shot gun hehehehe...

happy fall!

ann said...

Your place is exactly opposite with ours. Halos wala na nga kaming maparkingan sa dami ng cars. Maingay sa gabi sa busina ng mga sasakyan.

Ang ganda ng kulay ng mga leaves ng mga halaman.

ness said...


i really enjoyed looking at the photos of your neighborhood. love the colors and the spaciousness. thank you so much for sharing.

Nance said...

you have a nice neighborhood, vk. it looks so peaceful. i particularly like your "forest" where you jog or take a walk. malinis pati ang itsura.


lolli said...

Ka nice jud puy-an ang country side kaysa city, look nice kaayo kay dili gubot tan-awon :)
nindot kaayo ang mga kahoy Bon kay autumn na jud.
nice pics.

marikay said...

Dear Vicki, wow, I like your town alot. Beautiful colors of trees and nice clean places. Thanks for sharing that because I really enjoyed it. It sounds like a small town, 10000 people is not a lot. It must be very quiet there...

Lily said...

Hi Vickie,

Salamat sa pag hapit sa akong payag ha,na busy gyud ko karon nga week oi, nindot kaau sige laag kay nindot palibot bisan tugnaw oks lang gihapon.

Likes nako inyong place dinhe sa germany, mingaw pero very peaceful kaau. I love walking too. buntag sayo baktas nako excercise pa ingon sa amo bungtod gamay. maau na lang naa energy sa everyday housework.
Na hala salamat sa share I love the photos you share Vicks, tc and God bless.

raqgold said...

been there and would love to visit you again :) pero kayo muna dapat punta sa amin. let's arrange a date...

Sexy Mom said...

ang ganda, Vicki, unlike here in the city--there is almost no place to walk where trees abound, and clean air. the pollution here almost kills! at least in my village, pwede pa maglakad, pero hindi maicompare dyan sa inyo. anyway, we can only be thankful with what we have and make do with it.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. It must be nice just to relax and enjoy a good walk.