Feb 10, 2008

HELLO..................Sa kagutom..............

Last Monday, after my Physiotherapy, I passed by at Asia Store,

I plan to buy something to eat, I feel already hungry, I want to eat something that I am satisfied for what I want to eat.

When I was there, I saw this, and I read the name of this is “BA CHANG”, I was happy to see this, and think of what my parents and Tantes cooked esp., when there is occasion.

I did not buy the “BA-means Meat”…only the filling is Mongo as what the saleslady says, that there is also the filling is Mongo, I think that meat is hard and I can´t chew it very well,

In addition, I saw this too, nice isn't it? I imagine right away the


The salesgirl says too that there is filling inside, Banana………….

I think banana. So curious, because I know in our hometown, they filled it with Chocolate or Tablia-Cacao…

My eyes was so big, I like to be at home right away, because I like already to eat it. Especially, see the Wrappers? ---………….Wrapping alone, you have a big Appetite ….right?

Midako gyd akong mata bya…...My Eyes was so big, as big as my Face…lol

open-open right away.....

fast as I can....mhmhmhhmm

see, like Suman or Puto Maya?

but, frankly, i don´t like the filling.....i eat only the rice-malagkit

i opened the Suman-Bodbod...

this is banana in the middle

so, i eat right away......but i don´t know, i can´t say what is the taste,,,,,,,

Bernie got these pics, sabi nya, He was happy watching me, that i am eager to eat, it is like that a couple of days, nothing to eat......................

This morning, Kim prepared our breakfast, she likes that I enjoy already my eating hobby….

But, I won't worry, if I can chew already, back to normal naman, my habits of eating…

By the way, we have visitor, Gina,

She stays with us for more than 2 months, while Fely and Dieter is in the Phils, for vacation-visit their families.

Kim of course, we too are very happy that Gina is with us.

I may say my Thanks to ;

Thank you very much, ANNA for making my Blog, "Blog of the Month"

MARI that You LOVE my blog......advance pa itong " HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

HAPPY WEEKDAYS TO ALL..............................bis dann



Lanie G said...

Hi vicky kalami sa imong suman, glad makakaon ka na ug maayo. take care

Cielo said...
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Cielo said...

sarap naman nyan, nakakatakam tignan :)

Lily said...

Hi Vickie, agi na sab nimo dinhe mangumusta lang, mingaw na man gud nimo, maayo kay murag back to normal na gyud imong ka-on,happy to see ur new photos, say hello to kim from me and to Bernie too.

take care always. and enjoy the beautiful tuesday!

Lily said...

And naa pa thanks diay sa tag ha glad to see there all the time. regards to all.

Amy said...

nice photos manay! lami bitaw tan-awon iya putos kay dahon saging.. mura bingka og bodbod sa atoa. hehehe* pastilan nindot napud baya iuli:)

JOY said...

Ay sus Ms.Vk nalingaw kaayo ko basa ani imo post ay..salamat sa pag add ako duha ka site huh? Pwede naku dugangan wahehehe..
kanang joy mnila nimo kuhaa ng blogspot kay palit naku domain man.
http://joydob.com na siya.
ang uban mao ni..
agi unya sa akoa balay huh Ms Vk.mwaah!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Vicki. That looks like special suman. Y

esterday, my aunt from London came to visit us and we bought sumang magkayakap. We all enjoyed eating it. Sayang I wasn't able to take photos.

Congrats on those awards.

Babette said...

Vks, akala ko nag-comment ako dito, nawala ata. May nakikita rin ako dito na tinda ng mga Vietnamese pero di ko pa na-try. Ang na-try ko lang yung Taho, alam mo yon?