Feb 5, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...........Bernie and Nena

Knowing you're my Husband
Makes me so proud
You would stand out
In any crowd

All of my faults you overlooked
Or not seen
Thoughtful of my feelings
You have always been

Thank you for standing behind me
In all that I do
I hope you're as happy with me
As I am with you

My deep love for you
Will remain and not grow old
Deep in my heart
Forever it will hold

Happy 48th Birthday, Liebling..........

And to Nena, Happy 23th B-day, more Blessing, good Luck and good Health ............

Happy birthday both of you...............sascha, kim n vicki

Tomorrow, Feb. 6, first their bday, I post it today, maybe I have no time to post tomorrow.

The Bday party held by Nena´s parent’s house, they celebrate together with Bernie, as they have the same b-day.

I cook the foods and Nena, prepare for the drinks.

I plan to cook “Schweine-Kamm Braten”, Band and EierSpaetzle Nudeln, with Iceberg and Gurken Salad.

Desserts, I don´t know yet, may Ice Cream only.

If there are some Photos on this party, I post it later.

Hoping this is again a joyful- "Lamberz-Semmler " family party.

Have a nice Day to all……………..


Nance said...

pls. extend my b-day wishes to your love ones! sana marami pa silang dadating na kaarawan.
naku parang masarap ang mga lulutuin mo, kunan mo ng pic para mag-laway na lang kami! lol

carlota said...

Happy birthday to you darling Vk...best wishes to him. And to Nena too.

Can't wait to see the pictures. take care...hugs.

Lily said...

Hi Vickie,
Happy happy birthday to the two of them,Bernie and Nena. wishing them good health and more years to celebate there very special day.
tc always :-)

ghee said...

Happy Happy Bday to your darling and to Nena,Vickie.

nice to see celebrations and home parties,i havent done that for years na yata :)

i wish them more Bdays to come!!

btw,im glad na ok ka na from your surgery,at swerte ka dahil very supportive ang hubby mo,lagi shang nakakasama sa lahat ng check ups mo :)

get well soon Vickie!



Mari said...

Vicki, please extend my birthday greetings to Bernie. Masuwerte siya at masipag kang magluto...masaya na naman ang buong pamilya ninyo sa party niya.

Take it easy...don't work too hard.

Haze said...

Happy birthday kay Kumpareng Bernie Vikai!
Debut ba niya vikai?

Happy b-day sad kay Nena! Nice photos!

Happy weekend pud!

2cents said...

iwit ko bay ! better late than never...man beh..Happy Birthday to Bernie and Nena...TC

Barb said...

Hello Vks, belated Happy Birthday to Bernie. :) Excited na ako makita kayo this summer. Samahan mo akong maghanap ng cuckoo clock ha. Di ba yung Heidelberg sa may Black Forest yon?

Anna said...

Late akong greetings io, Belated Happy Birthday to you husband VK....Cge agi agi lang sa ko dinhi karon... wala man nabusy mao laag.

An Award Is Waiting For You:
Scattered Thoughts Of Mine

Mari said...

Vicki, please pick up your award at my blog....right now. Daliiiiiiiii, baka mawalang bigla. LOL

raqgold said...

happy birthday to your dear bernie and to nena -- let's celebrate together when we get back :D sarap talaga mag chismisan sa telepono ano? thanks for calling!