Feb 26, 2008

Happy Tuesday................

Last week, I was surprised when Nance says that there is also Aldi in USA,

We are talking about Sauerkraut, and I think I have to cook this week.

Sauerkraut is the best source for Vitamin C and dieting.

Remember, spring is approaching, time for dieting,

Being slim and having a good figure for summer time.

Sauerkraut, cooked rippchen with mashed potatoes for Bernie;

This is also for sascha, sauerkraut, leberknoedel with mashed potatoes.

This is one of his favourite........

Please visit Gloria´s blog, she is my first Internet friend, whom I started in internet world, I think year, 2001-2002.

Sascha introduces me this ‘Yahoo messenger, and wants that I do chatting here in internet world to meet some new friends.

He has seen Gloria, nickname, “sweet kamote”…………he’s interested of Gloria’s NN cause as sweet as kamote……still remember Glor, your first nickname at yahoo?

Thank you, for putting our pics, at your blog….yes, visit Germany, and of course, Hamburg. Hamburg is one of the oldest cities here in Germany, too.

Once again, Thank you very much to all, hope you enjoy and have fun staying with us,

Thank you

Enjoy the day with full of happiness, searching something for fun and enjoyment.


Nance said...

sarap naman ng saurkraut nyo. vk ano yong rippchen? ham ba? saka yong leberknoedel, sausage ba yan? meron kaming dinner sa church namin last sunday, isa sa dinala ko ay saurkraut dahil meron kaming church member na german at gustong gusto nya ang saurkraut ko, naku, ubos lahat! nilagyan ko ng smoked polish sausage.

ganyan din ang logo ng aldi dito, minsan kunan ko ng pic yong bag nila at pakita sa 'yo. doon ako bumibili ng fresh flowers dahil mura, imported choco at mga prutas.

nakita mo na ba ang isang blog ko? eto: click here

Midas said...

VK, no wonder Sacha likes those..it looks really yummy!

You have good looking children.

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SexyMom said...

so, what is your YM address? i would be happy to chat with you. how are you dear friend?

Babette said...

Vks, ano nga yung rippchen, mukha ngang ham pero ang shape parang pork chop. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Yummy ... that looks like a satisfying hearty meal.