Feb 15, 2008


The Big Five-Oh

So you are finally fifty;
Happy birthday on the big Five-Oh.
I guess you could fill a great big book
With everything you know.

A whole half century of living
Is nothing to sneeze about,
So if you're a little patched and worn,
Don't you dare frown or pout.

Ignore things that make you feel old;
It's really great to be fifty.
You're smart, attractive and good company,
And I still think you're nifty!

Happy Birthday Dine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie,Vicky, Sascha and Kim


Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Dine.

bbr said...

you don't know how touched i am with this greeting! and you know what my dear friend? you don't have to be sad for not having known my birthday earlier. what is important is the thought that even if it is not my birthday--i can always feel the friendship that we share. thanks my dear Vicki for the friendship, it is more than a gift, it's a very special gift. and thanks for the wishes. God bless you, your family, and your friends. all my love, Dine!

Lily said...

Hi Vickie belated happy Birthday to your dear friend Dine,wish her more years to celebrate, good health sa kanunay.
Belated happy hearts day ninyo dinha my dear Vickie,pasensya kana wala gyud ko ka bloghop gahapon laag man gud bisan tugnaw super.thanks baya for the tag in my place sure kaau, call u later diay. tc and enjoy the week-ends.

Heart of Rachel said...

What a wonderful message for a friend. I was at Dine's blog earlier and left her birthday greetings.

Babette said...

Happy Birthday to your friend Vicky. :)

Princess K said...

Happy Birthday to Tita Dine! Hello Tita V, how are you?

Ann said...

Sana pag 50 na rin ako eh young looking pa rin just like tita dine.

happy birthday!

ghee said...

Happy Bday Dine! :)