Feb 17, 2008

Freinsheim and Deidesheim.... Sunday walk.....

This afternoon, the weather was good; the temperature was 2 degrees but the Sun was shining.

We drive to Freinsheim, 40 kms. from us.

Freinsheim is a populated place in Rheinland-Pfalz, which is a region of Germany.

The Wall created in the Year, 1471 and renovated in the year, 1979.

In addition, we passed also in Deisdesheim, (pop. 3,500) is an important town along the Deutsche Weinstrasse (German Wine Street). It has a handsome Town Hall with an external flight of steps; Ceramic Museum; and Museum in the Old Town Hall (open Wed-Sun).

It is perhaps the most famous town in the Pfalz region. It is worth wandering the cobblestone streets to look at the interesting vintners' houses of the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries.

Please, read this Website…...Deisdeshiem….you will know about this place as what the author of these Comments tell about this place.

Barb, if you have time, please, read this, ha?

Please, view this Video, about Freisenheim too…” A walk through the town of Freinsheim, Partial walled another great place to go during the spring for wine tasting”

Again, we want to share our pics, taken this afternoon, I can’t say more about this place, if you have time please click the words which I Highlight, that is better that I am the one to say….loll…..

Please, click and view our Pictures taken this afternoon walk........Foto 2

Have a wonderful Monday to all.....................


Babette said...

Wow Vks, ang ganda ng pinuntahan ninyo. Ang lamig rin siguro sa inyo diyan, gaya dito sa amin.
Thanks for the link, titingnan ko ngayon.

Lily said...

Hi Vickie happu sunny days! yap it is sunny now but still freezing cold to be out, but that wont stop my little Jasmine from playing outside,she loves outdoor. thanks for the photos I wish too visit those places too someday pag dinhe pa mi and dako na si Jasmine basi sa inyoha mi deretso laag saka bisan two days lang sa? hehehe bitaw naa baya ko tag nimo sa akong Bavarian Angel blog. but no rush just take ur time my dear and do it when u are free already. o sige ha ari sa ko bloghop lang ko kadali kay absent ko last week-end. regards to Kim, Bernie and Sascha too.

ghee said...

Hi VK,
super ganda talaga jan sa place nyo,parang masyadong peaceful,that explains why you have a peaceful heart :) youe inner reflects you outside

happy monday!!


Cielo said...

para na rin kaming nag tour sa place nyo, nakaka inspire naman lalo na lakarin ang aming migration papers, (OZ naman sya).

Ofcourse, Philippines is great, but its also nice to experience living in other places.

Nance said...

ahhh, spring! parang spring na dyan sa inyo, may mga greens na pero mukhang malamig pa 'no? naka-winter coat pa kayo.

Mari said...

I love this place, Vicki. The picture tells me a lot, and that's why I fell in love with it. Thanks for sharing.

Marco said...

wow love the background!

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely place. I hope someday I can go there and explore it too.