Dec 26, 2007

Today, is still Holiday here......

Today is still holiday here, they called it 2nd Christmas day.

It is nice, we celebrated 3 days xmas here.
Dec. 24, 25, and 26, It is a good idea, we can share together with our family,

In-laws with husband side, our own family and Wife side.

For my side, My Family is not here, so we stay only in the house,

Do something that we can make our time worthful and interesting, like what I do now, facing at the PC…lol

After we heard Mass last Dec. 24, we spent our xmas eve at my MIL, together with families of Bernie’s 2 sisters. “The same procedure in every year.”

Here is our family.

Before opening the gifts, the kids has an entertainment, they show something like an act or music, poems or anything.

Nadine in Action.....

Please view our pics. during xmas eve by my MIL…...My Webshot album

From MIL law, we went directly at home, while Sascha n Kim was eager to open their gifts from us too.

Here are my Kids, they are so very happy of their gifts from their Papa.

Kids with their Xmas Gifts

Dec. 25, we celebrated alone, my Family only, we celebrated it with harmony and I am very happy that I saw and feel the closeness of my own family,

Together with the Kids and my husband, “THIS IS MY SPECIAL GIFT”.

I do not need any kind of APPLE….even though One Touch or Manual, flat or big….lol

I cooked only Rinderbraten, with Red cabbage and Cooked potatoes.

These are our favourite German foods.

Christmas at Home

Today, nothing to do, after our lunch, here I have time to Post our happenings last xmas. Hope you are not bored of our Pics

I am fun of pics. taken, any kind of actions, for me this is the best "Remembrance of the Happenings that Happen, that never happen again."

Hope you enjoy our pics. too, our journey here.

Have a nice Tuesday to all………………….by the way, presently there is snow here,
but not too heavy, the temperature here is only 0 grad.


Mari said...

I did the same thing for only and I felt the closeness.

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Vicki.

Mari said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Amy said...

nice christmas photos manay! thanks for sharing them.

btw, naa napud tagay para nimo;. buhata lang to kon di naka busy dinha:)

Yummylicious said...

GReat christmas celebration....kaau!

Asa akoa gift? Nasangit cguro sa pako sa erplin lol.

razzy said...

nice naman ang closeness ng family nyi... before, ganyan din kami, pero un dalawa kong kuya may sariling family na.. parents ko nasa province pa, they still have something to do pa after christmas... pero dito na sila before new year... :)

nice photos... :)

A Simple Life said...

Those are beautiful photos. You may be away from your family but your husband's family seemed nice. Wishing you good health and a grace filled new year.

ZJ said...

Ate Vicki, those are really precious moments with your family. Tinuod jud na maski na layo ka sa imong family sa Pilipinas, you have the love and warmth of your own family in Germany. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hello Vickie,

Belated Merry Christmas but advance Happy New year!!

what a great family bonding naman,at talagangmay entertainment fom kids b4 opening their gifts,haha!very lovely presentation! wow,mukhang bago na ang hair do ni Kim ;) parang hawig na rin ng sa daughter ko.

thank you sa bisita Vickie,and sorry ngayon lang ako rito,nasa net cafe na naman ;)

BTW,im not in NY,pero andito kaming lahat sa apt ni hubby,nadestino kasi sha at dito rin kami lilipat after my eldest` graduation this march,so busy na sa haus hunting :)

enjoy the holiday!!


Mrs. Love Books said...

VK, I always enjoy your make such nice slide shows of your pictures. I'm trying to learn from you...but slide shows takes lots of patience, which I apparently do not have.

Thank you for sharing V!

ann said...

Baka ilang years na lang sila naman ang magbibigay ng gifts sa mga kids nila..hahaha! Ang lalaki na ng mga anak mo no?

Miss mo pa ba pasko sa pinas?

raqgold said...

we had minus grad here but no snow! thanks for sharing your christmas day. it's good that you get to bond with the whole family, too. apples for us are just the fruit kind, for now, hehehe

Mari said...

I'm done with the drawings - 2 (1 pencil and 1 markers [color]). I will post it sometime next year. I will let you know...abangan mo.

Mari said...

Vicki, check this out: art corner

MaryKay said...

Dear Vicki, you have such nice pictures in here. I tried playing your video but I couldnt and it took me to your photo album!! he he. I guess when kids get "grown" they don't get as excited as they use to when they were younger. Before they would laugh and smile and jump for joy when they get such nice presents! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with continued happiness, good health, and prosperity!!