Dec 30, 2007

THANK YOU VERY MUCH MARI.....................

This morning, while Kim looking her IPod, I say to her if I can looked my blog only.
When I opened the comments side, I read all your Comments, Thank you very much for your entire visit.

When I clicked what MARI says to me in her comments, I am very happy, looking myself in her “My Art Corner” site.

Mari, my God, I cannot express my happiness looking at your Art for me.
It’s really me…...How Beautiful and Sexy I am, a Wonderful, Elegant Woman.

Thank you, Thank you very much, Mari, Words cannot express my gratitude to your Kindness and Thoughtfulness’.

I do not really think you do it what I requested to you before. I think you forget it already.

Please, visit Mari’s, “My Art Corner”, you can see all her Drawings and Arts.

Have a Wonderful Sunday to all.

God Bless


Carlota said...

that's really great Vk.. she's really good.

Nance said...

you made me so curious i have to visit your blog, vicky. mari really did a very good job of your likeness!
way to go, mari!!!

Cheers to 2008!

btw, i also have a sister in Germany, she lives in Schweinfurt, are u close to her?

ghee said...

yes,Vicki,ive seen this at maris art blog! sabi ko nga,i know that you would be very happy about them,at sabi ko pa,super sexy mo,esp sa drawing na naka gown ka with your left boob popping up!!hahaha!

happy new year,Vicki!!wishing you all the best this 2008!!


Mari said...

I am so glad you liked them. I did 2 thinking that the first one, the colored one, was not good, but I posted it just the same. Buti na lang nakuha ko ng kunti ang mukha mo...pati si Bernie natuwa din.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

krystyna said...

Wow! Excellent art!

Vicki, you are a beautiful model and very pretty woman!

SexyMom said...

true, Vicki
Mari has captured the "you"
lucky for you to have Mari!

Mari said...

Thank you all for the nice compliments.


Heart of Rachel said...

You have such a sweet friend to draw portraits for you. They are beautiful.

Nance said...

i linked your blog to mine ...
take care!