Jan 16, 2010

Isang Tulog na lang, I am already Golden Girl.........Praise God

Hi vk! 1 2log nlng goldn girl kna bukas. Hapi, hapi bday goldn girl. May God grnt u anadr 50yrs. May God bles u n ur famly alwys. any big clbration?

TODAY, Don't complain about d food u eat,d shoes, d clothes u wear - some hv nothing; Don't complain about gettng old -many die young; Wen u'r tired of u
r job or what u do-think of d jobless,d disabled &those who wish they had urs; Wen sad thoughts & difculties seem 2 put u down- paint a smile on ur face
& thank GOD u'r alive & u'r still around. LIFE's a gift LIVE IT WELL!
Seek 1st kingdom of GOD.

Dr. Norwin
advance happy birthday.... 5oth na jud ha... kaabot pa kaha ko ana na age noh?...
i wish you all the best in life....

Happy Birthday!!! Mare. Paniguro ug pa-sexy para pugong sa edad.

Hugs and bday kisses Rebe :-)

Dearest Vicky,

Tried to call you on your birthday but no one was answering. Somehow in my heart, I did wish you the best birthday. May 2010 and your new year will give you the fulfillment of your heart.

Misss your lines a lot.

Have fun and stay young dearie,

HI vikay!

Mu greet ko daan ug Advance Happy Birthday! :) I wish you good health always and more blessings to come... gidagkot na tikaw didto sa sto. nino ganina... daghan tawo kaau kay kabalo naka padung sinulog... pero manageable ra ang mga taw kay daghan man guards unya naa gyud exit/entrance ang simbahan, wala pa, aguy dasuk jud kau ang mga taw oi...

Again, happy birthday!!! :) God bless!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!-----------rOsE



ness said...

Happy Birthday, Vicky!!

God bless you!

Nance said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VK!!! join the club of the golden years! ;) may you have another gold!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Thank you, dr.Ness...........

nance, na ganoon na nga ito....Welcome sa Golden club na si ako...heheheh

Thanks sa greetings ha?

ghee said...

wow!gold as in gold!!! Happy Birthday VK!!!! Im glad I`m not on Hiatus recently so I had a chance to greet you in my Blog! :D

That is a great Blessing and you deserve a lot more than GOLD!!

looking forward on seeing the celeBration. :D

hugs to you!!

an2nette said...

Happy birthday, i'm always reading your blog which i came across thru raquel (kengkay), wishing you all the best for your golden year, malapit na rin ako maging golden frau, ilang months na lang