Oct 24, 2009

A Special Friend with Love on your Birthday......


Sending Birthday wishes
is a pleasant thing to do
Especially when they´re being sent
to someone nice as you
So have yourself a happy day,
the kind you like the best
And then go on to have a year
all the rest!

Wishing you a very happy day, Rolly................

love lots,
Vicki, Bernie, Sascha and Kim


Mari said...

Special friends last a lifetime. Congratulations for having a great friend.

Joro Livelihood said...

Salamat kaayo sa greetings ug sa posting diri VK. Na touch man sad ko ani...kahilakon baya ko ay. Thanks for being with me all the time. Thanking you for your kindness and everything.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

You really are a very thoughtful friend VK. Your friends are blessed to have you.

Happy Birthday to your friend Rolly from down under.

Dream time na. Good night VK and family.

Ebie said...

Ms Vk, musta na! Dili jud ka makalimot sa mga BDs.

Ang word sa ingles kay background. ako tong gi Photoshop. Makat on lagi wala si Zee diri! Basa ra ko tutorial sa net.

Akong duawon si Loloy sa iayhng balay!

dodong flores said...

Happy Birthday to your friend...