Oct 5, 2009


Boppard is a small town situated close to the midpoint of the Rhein River in Germany, a stretch of the river known for its many castles and geographic/geologic interest. Among these are the castles known as "Cat" and "Mouse", the picturesque Pfalzgrafenstein (a toll station sited on an island in the river), and the famous "Lorelei" rock.

The nearest big town is Koblenz (about 25 km to the north), where the River Mosel joins the Rhein.

Boppard is a popular tourist holiday spot due to its geographic position on the Rhein and its dramatic, gothic architecture. This is suggested by its slogan, "Boppard, the pearl on the Rhein: forests, valleys, mountains, and wine."

Grapes grow along the steep hillsides, ably suited to catching the maximum rays of the sun for growing grapes at such a high latitude. Local vintners produce a variety of wines, mainly from the Riesling grape.

Just north of Boppard is the largest bend in the entire river. The twin-towered St. Severus Church and remnants of the medieval city wall contribute to Boppard's medieval charm.

taken last summer, Aug.17.............

Bernie has 2 weeks autumn´s free-vacation.......We wish and hope for a good weather, that we can go wandering and have a day tour in the neighboring places.

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Mura pud ko ug ga tour uban nimo! chada inyong lugar!