Sep 18, 2009

I met Monika Dubska and Jamie..................

I met Monika and Jamie today.

And we decided to have a lunch at Asia Imbis.

This Monika likes Eggs noodles with Chicken filet and vegetables.

Mine, Shrimps with vegetables……….

After our lunch, we decided again to have our dessert at Italian ice- café.

Wafer with ice cream and whipped cream

Mixed ice cream

It was a nice and wonderful meeting to you, Monika. I am happy and glad to meet you personally.

Thank you very much for your time spending with me.

more pics, please visit Foto 2 Album............


Monika Dubska said...

Hi Vicki! This is great, lovely photos. Im glad it didnt rain also so we could sit outside. Jamie slept on the way home so this was good :) Thanks for the lovely meal & dessert. Those prwan crackers are addictive, im eating lots !!!

okay, take care and hope to see you soon.

enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hello ate VK! Monika is gorgeous and the baby is so cute! The food you guys ordered looked so delicious and mouthwatering. Now I am hungry!

Monika Dubska said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for treating me last week it was so nice of you. Im leaving for my train to Sschifferstadt for my german class in 30 minutes, looking forward to meeting your family and also on the 5th of OCtobrer about Heidlburg is not sure yet as its on a day I work but Ill try and ask. If not we can always do it another time yes? Maybe ill see you tonight at school hehehe, bye!

Heart of Rachel said...

It's always nice to meet a new friend. Lovely photos! The food especially the waffles look so tempting.