Jul 12, 2009

Praise God

For 4 yrs having this problem, and pain. ....... at last, everything is ok at back to normal na ang Jaws ko.

Last Wednesday, nagpunta kami sa Stuttgart-Marien Hospital for my end Check-up sa
Gingival-facial surgeons ko.

Thank you very much to Dr. Dr. Winfried Kretschmer- and to all drs. in MKG Chirurgie

Praise God, everything is OK at yon tapos na ako doon sa kanila.

And last Monday, tapos na rin ako sa Orthodontics ko.

Praise God.............everything is OK na rin.

Control sa akin, ang Dentist ko na lang, quarterly, and thanks dito lang sa town namin.

Now, I can eat without a problem, open my mouth as wide as I can,
I can chew everything as long as I can and what i want, hard or smooth-soft ones.
There is no pain and no problem of opening my mouth already.
Everything is Okey na.

Thank You very much, Dear God.

Maraming Salamat din sa mga Doctors ko, for caring and do their very best for my Health.

Dr. Ellen Michel my Orthodontics...............

pics. taken after 2 weeks of my 2nd surgery last Jan,2008

Thanks to my therapist- " Physiotherapeut", physiotherapy--Mr. Peter Bergen , for the therapy I had from him, since the beginning of this problem-pain, Autumn 2005 and after the Surgery.

Dr. Ulrike Umst├Ątter my Dentist, sorry I have no pics. of her.

Mr. Sven Hoch- Physiotherapy-( Physiotherapeut)------for the therapy, I had from him, too.........after the surgery.

After our appointment in the Hospital, we planned to roamed around in the city of Stuttgart.
But the weather was not so good, that´s why, we don´t stayed so long at the city.

at the city center

with my new friend, Elwood.....The Blues Brothers

We passed-by at Rhein-Neckar- Arena at Sinsheim................

Sinsheim Auto & Technik Musuem

Ito lang muna, Maligaya and peace of Mind na ako sa mouth and Jaws ko.

Praise God


Nance said...

Praise be to GOD nga! sana tuloy tuloy na 'yan, vicki. tagal mo rin palang nag-tiis ng pain.

Uy, pakilala mo naman ako sa bago mong friend, Elwood, good looking sya! ha ha ha

Mari said...

Thank goodness, everything turned out good. Oo nga sana di na babalik pa ang sakit. Hirap din ang magtiis ng sakit lalo na sa pagkain mo.

Take care.

ness said...

I'm glad you're ok na, Vicky!

Take care and God bless.

eha said...

Nice to be here with you. Happy to see you so cheerful in the pictures. Thank God everything is OK now.

Anonymous said...

Hello ate Vk! That's so nice that everything is okay. I am very happy!

Malou said...

Wala ka sakay sa concorde Vikay... ako ning sakay jud ko diha oy. porti nako lupad lupad diha. maka-ingon jud ko nakasakay na jud ko ug concorde hahahahaha ug nahikap pa Vikay

ghee said...

aww,thats along period of pain...im glad that everything`s back into normal now. :)

Ylan said...

Vikay, that is sooo nice to hear! thanks be to God! :)

btw, murag guapo lagi na imong surgeons? kanang naa sa first three pics ba? wala kay close up? bwehehehe!!!!

Shoshana said...

VK, thank God your surgery went well.

I like your pictures. They're so much fun to watch.

Rolly said...

Nakaanhi nako aning lugara pero kanang gwapo nimong dentista wa pa nako na mahimamat. Kung mobalik gani ka didto vk, piktyuri kang close-up, heheheh...igat gyod no

Ebie said...

Good! everything is a success! Love your city.