Jul 18, 2009


1Peter 1:8……..You can´t see Christ, but still you love him. You can´t see him now, but you believe in Him. You are filled with Joy that cannot be explained.

Neneth called me yesterday, Friday that we can have a Bible reading here in our Flat.

Mt. 18:20……”This is true, because if two or three people are together believing in me,

I am there with them.”

Act. 2:42…………..The believers continued to meet together. They used their time to learn the teaching of the apostles. The believers shared with each other. They ate together and prayed together.

Mt. 28:20-------“Teach those people to obey everything that I have told you.

You can be sure that I will be with you always. I will continue with you until the end of the world.”

Praise God


Anonymous said...

hi. Vks, salamat ang bilis mo naman maipadala ang pic. tama lang uwi ko 5 min, naa na zug, tapos dating lingenfeld nag hintay na yong bus, akala ko di ko na maabutan, kasi mag hintay pa ako ng 1 hour, talaga si Lord guide sa akin, pag dating ko sa bahay umulan na, kaya i praise lord Jesus, hindi ako na ulanan, salamat uli, till next, God bless us always,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Ate!

Salamat sa imong mga comments,nga daghan kaayo.unta dili ka magsawa ug bisita sa akong mga payag.


Lain pa ato,namizzzz na jud nako na ang magbible study.
labi na kay,mao jud na akong gidak-an.

Salamat jud kaayo te!

Anonymous said...

May I also add: John 3:16.

Have a great week Vicky!

Ebie said...

May I also add: John 3:16.

Have a great week Vicky!

P.S. Sorry, nasayop ug pindot!

eha said...

Gathering with friends who share the same faith is priceless for us. It's wonderful to see you all so happy there.

Nance said...

dito din sa amin, may assosasyon ng mga prayer groups. magandang gawin yan.