Jan 3, 2009

Thank You.........................

Phoebe n Family

Raquel n Family

Kookie n Family

Ana n Family.
...............through Santabanta email Card....................

To : Vicky and family(v_lamberz@hotmail.com)

Message :
Dear Vicky and family, may you be enjoying your time celebrating this jolly holiday season. I hope that your wishes are answered, but most of all may you make memories of a lifetime with your family. Kind regards us to all of you. Season`s greetings from our home to yours!

From : Ana (analoups@yahoo.com)

Rolly n Kids

Ligaya n Family from Poland

Rebecca n Family

Lanie n Family

Maraming Salamat po sa greetings, wishes, blessings and prayers,
not only these cards which we received, also through phone calls, emails, text-messages,

And to all, visited us here and says your season’s greetings.

Thank you very much our dearest friends


Amy said...

Oh lala! nag bandira baya akong agtang. lol*

Walay sapayan Manay Vick, Happy New Year to you & family too! Goodhealth, prosperity & success for 2009..


Nance said...

salamat din sa well wishes mo, sana we will continue to stay healthy sa bagong taon.

Lily said...

Hello Vicki, hehehe arang ka display namo dinhe oi. bitaw glad that ur one of my friend online and offline.

salamat sab sa greetings ha.same to u too.wish that this year would be the best for u and ur family
more blessings.

take care and enjoy the week-end.


mermaidejen said...

dhay vicki, you are so blessed with wonderful friends. thanks for being so sweet and thoughtful friend. you are such a blessing too. thanks for posting our cards, that so dear of you. wishing you and family a great year and hope to see you soon

Ana P. S. said...

Wow, ang dami ng friends mo Vk. You are surrounded with wonderful people online and offline. Anyway, thanks din for the kind holiday greetings. May the new year bring you more good things and happiness. Thanks for sharing our greetings here, makita sab namo imong uban mga migas. Ok ah, see you around. Nia ako blog: www.shopaholicgal.com - www.analoups.com

By the way, dalaga na gyod mga girls ninyong duha ni Phoebe ba. Thanks for sharing the pics. You all look nice.

Dennis Villegas said...

Tita Vicki, so many sent you their cards, and they are so beautiful. I wish I could have sent you one too but I don't know your address! Hehehe
Just wishing your the best in 2009!

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are lovely Christmas cards!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year. May 2009 bring many wonderful opportunities for each one in your family.

God bless.

raqgold said...

dear vk - manigong bagong taon sa ating lahat!

ang lamig dito sa atin ngayon ano, brrr - -10 grad, waaa

Anonymous said...

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ghee said...

Hi Vicki,

Happy New Year to you and your family!!I wish you all the best this 2009!!

bilib ako sa yo,you organize and treasure your friends..always!!

always stay there and take good care of your health.


Mari said...

Wishing you the best for the coming New Year, Vicki.