Nov 29, 2008

Happy birthday to our dear, Ethel............

Times flies so fast and today, you will have a year added to you. But it's only a number. I know that you still feel ten years younger. Be happy and make the most of your day. Fill it with smiles from the simple joy of life, of having your family together, of having wonderful kids and of having a loving husband. There is more to celebrate, just feel free and be filled with thanksgiving.

Happy happy birthday dhay Lolie. May you will have all the desires of your heart.

Toast !!!!

vicky, bernie, sascha and kimberly

this pics. taken at Zulinden vacation house, Camotes Island,Cebu,Phils.
Compliments by Carlota.


Nance said...

Happy Birthday din sa friend mong si Lolie, vk. Dyan din ba sa Germany sya nakatira?
You r a very thoughtful friend!

Lanie said...

happy birthday ethel sarap ng handa mo lechon binli ko ha nagparahay man si vicky at carlotz sa kanyang nindot na cottage.

Hi Vicky, kumusta kana. Sorry wala naman ko kabisit sa imong payag oi nabisy sa paid blogging ug work and family, but I am always thinking of you. Regards and happy holiday. God bless

Dennis Villegas said...

Hello Tita Vicki...ganda naman nung last pic...ang sarap nung lechon mukhang well-roasted..may kubo at beach pa sa likod ;)
Happy birthday to dhay regards ha

Euroangel said...

asus..pahayahay baya ang duha...paibog man mo anang litson uy..makalaway baya...lamia...may pa mo diha pahayahay ra....rgards..