Oct 26, 2008

Thanks to................

Thank you very much, Dr. Ness for this wonderful and very nice Bouquet.

I am also thankful to my husband, Bernie, for these beautiful pics. of mine.

He sent me this through email, last Sept.14, our “Standestamt” ceremony.

See, where he got this very beautiful snap from me?

This is the 1st picture I sent him, way back in the year, 1979.

Ang Ganda ko talaga ano?????????......................smile

This picture, he makes poster and put it in our bedroom,

Oct. 22, was our Church blessing.

On this place was our first date, Castle Garden-Schwetzingen,

when I arrived here in Germany,

He said,” He found me on this place”………………ngeekk

Thank you to Gloria “Eya”, for this beautiful mermaid picture of me…………

Thank you glor, it is so very nice......

20 yrs…….. But I feel it was yesterday.

20 yrs. here in Germany,

20 yrs. married with my beloved husband.

Through the Years………not only with honey and milk,

It is also salty, sour and of course bitter,

But we have conquered all.

With our Love and blessing from God.

Praise God


Ylan said...

nice bitaw kaau ang flowers :)

hehe manay, pinakulot2x man diay ni imong buhok sa una hehe..
pero mao diay bighani kaayu si Manoy sa imong first pic, unsaon, fresh na fresh kau imong look diri hehe..
bitaw sa? choi-choi kaayu si manoy bernie sa una! hehehe! :D

ness said...

Makalingaw ang pictures! So many things that can be done with computers. Congratulations also to the creative people who I'm sure had lots of fun making the "photos" hehehe.

Nance said...

Happy Anniversary sa inyong dalwa, vk. 20 yrs? wow, that's a long one these days!

Mari said...

Twenty Years!!! Wow! That's a long time. Happy Anniversary sa inyo ni Bernie. May you celebrate more anniversaries.

gLoR!e said...

wow...ga guapa oi!:) especially sa pix ni serena..puede paka mag dyesebel pulihi dayun c marimar kay puol na iyang face...heheh

congrats and belated happy anniversary!:)

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a lovely bouquet of flowers. Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Bernie. God has been so kind to bless you with happy years. Wishing you many more happy years together.

Babette said...

Hello Vks and Bernie, this is late but I still would like to greet you a Happy Anniversary! I apologize, di ako nakabisita. Very busy trying to earn $. :o) I hope we'll meet each other again and hopefully it will be longer next time. Much love,
Barb, Tim and kids