Sep 14, 2008

Today is our 20th Civil Wedding Anniversay

yesterday, today and tomorrow

We have been made right with God because of our Faith.
So we have Peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Through our Faith, Christ has brought us into that
blessing of God´s Grace that we now enjoy.

And we are very Happy because of the Hope
we have of sharing God´s glory.
And we are also Happy with Troubles we have.

Why we are happy with Troubles?
Because we know that these Troubles make us more Patient.

And this Patience is proof that we are strong.
And this proof gives us Hope.
And this Hope will never Disappoint us-
----it will never fail.

Why? Because God has poured out his LOVE to fill our hearts.
God gave us his Love through the Holy Spirit.
That Holy Spirit was a gift to us from God.

Today is our 20th Registry –civil marriage anniversary.
I don´t want to post about this, today.
While we´re blessed-wedding in the Church first on October 21.

But Josie and Malou, greeted us,
thank You very much for your thoughtfulness, Josie and Malou.
I am happy
that you´ve not forget it................

We heard mass this morning at Speyer Cathedral, at 10am.

Bernie brought me here in my first week staying here in Germany.

I share some pictures taken this morning which gives me “Treasure thought”

at the altar, "wishing i can come here again"

here, i lighted a candle, for Thanking God....."I am here"

here, our Confession before our Wedding Day

the Fountain, where i Wish and Hope that Bernie, marry me.
then i come here, when i have 2 kids,
then coming back, having a walk with the kids,

presently?.....20 yrs. ago........hindi kami palagi dito, kahit malapit lang sa amin,

view in front of the Cathedral, going to the main city gate

view, going to the cathedral

I am sharing also bernie´s posing............................

Me, writing Postcard to my Family in Phil’s, and of course to Dr. Ness, she is fan of collecting stamps...........

Ok´s, it´s too boring viewing our pics, right?

Please view our
webshots album
for more pics, taken this morning.
Boring! But I share more

Thank you and have a blissful Sunday to all............


Anonymous said...

hi vickay,

You told me before,na remember ko lang kasi bukas birthday ng daddy ko,magkasunod kayo........Again,HAPPY 20th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY...and more blessings in the coming years.....

Anonymous said...

Josie diay ne......

neng said...

Glückwünsch ;)

Midas said...

Happy 2oth anniversary Vicki and Bernie.

May you have many, many more sweet years together.

Mari said...

Sweet memories, Vicki. You and Bernie are meant for each other. Happy Anniversary!

gLoR!e said...

Hapi 20th year anniversary!

No, wala ko ka feel ug enjoy ko tan-aw pics ug mag damgo na one of these million days (million kaau heheh) maka anha ko diha sa cathedral..etour niya ko ha! heheh

Happy Monday!:)

ness said...



Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Thank you very much to all your greetings to us.....

bernie n vk

Ria said...

Congratulations! 20 years is something! And you both look so happy too. Look forward to many more :)

raqgold said...

wow, happy anniversary! it is great to reminisce right? at yes, i love speyer, too

Nance said...

Belated Happy Anniversary, Vicki and Bernie! Imagine, 20 yrs later, sweet pa rin kayo sa isat-isa. ganda ng poem na pinili mo, tamang-tama sa okasyon. May you have 20 more x 3! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy 20th Anniversary to you and Bernie. I wish you both more happy years together.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. I admire the love you share. God bless.

Tani said...

Hi. I'm visiting from Rachel's blog. Me and my husband are civilly married. We'll have our church wedding january of next year. Your post was lovely. Sana magkaroon din kami ni hubby ng madaming special places to visit. :)

Anonymous said...

There are tyms wen prayer is the only GIFT we can give to d people we care for, so I do pray 2 GOD 2 take care of U evry moment Öf Ur lyf! happy ANniversary bernie and vikki.

From all of us. Uy and Maylan family.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Hapi weding aniversary wish both u n bernie gud health peace hapiness together until u reach ur golden weding aniversary..GOD BLESS MRE BLSING