Sep 2, 2008

Birthday Contest............Chikai

This too late, Yesterday was the deadline,
today, will be announced who got the Winner,
But, I try to Post, who knows,
Chikai, allow
my late Post.....
When I win, even though a "CENT" only, please
sends to Bisdakplanet Funds for Roquesa dela Calsada.

Happy Birthday to you, chikai..........God bless You.

Birthday Contest

As promised, here are the mechanics of my Birthday Game! At stake is $26 worth of PayPal money. Two players will win $10 each and another player will win $6. To qualify, just follow these simple rules.

1. Blog about this contest. You don't have to write a lengthy post. A few sentences will do. At the bottom of your entry, list down all my blogs and link them to their respective URLs.

Cherry’s Comfort Zone
Thinking Out Loud
DigiScrapz: Captured Memories
Buzzy Me
Wishing and Hoping
Fab Finds,

Captured Memories
Jobs Abroad
Jobs For Davao
Jobs For Cebu
Jobs For Manila
PRC Board Exam Results
Pinoy Job Posting
Digi Shop Talk
Scrap Artist
The Digi Chick
Sweet Like Cherry

2. Once you have published the entry on your blog, let me know by leaving a comment on this post. Remember, you can earn one entry per blog so the more blogs you own, the more chances of winning!

3. And lastly, all entries should be in by September 1 at 11:59pm (-7 GMT). The names of the lucky winners will be announced on September 2 (my bday!).

So what are you waiting for? Join now and get the chance to win some moolah! ;)

Sept. 5,2008

Thanks Chikai for the Consolation Prizes....................

Oh before I forget, I am also giving away an extra $5 to Ate VK for Roquesa dela Calzada. So far, the Bisdak Planet Foundation has raised 31,295.32 pesos for her eye surgery. If you’re feeling generous today, feel free to drop your donation on this LINK. God bless you! :wink:


gLoR!e said...

Happy birhtday to chikai! i wish her more blessings to come!:)

by the way, naa rako diri oi..hinay akong connections..niya SALAMAT KAAYO sa pagbutang sa link nako ha..gilusud-lisud jud tika..heheh SALAMAT kaayo!:) muah take care...:)

Rolly said...

Kadaug ka Vk?

Sexy Mom said...

happy birthday to your friend chikai! and best of wishes to you dear friend.

Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

manay vk, musta dinha? sensya na karon pa ko ka bisita dinhi.. busy gamay akong byuti. lol*

Belated Happy birthday to chikai:)

Joy0z said...

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gLoR!e said...

i have tips for healthy diet check them now..:)

smith said...

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Chikai said...

te bon na-send na nako sa bisdakplanet na paypal ang $5. paki-check na lng kay ate choco or ethel kung nadawat ba nila. hehe!