Jul 20, 2008

Our Belated Christmas Treat, 2007

Gunnar with the Christmas Man

With the FCK fun friends of Bernie, we have 2 times a year "Get Together", Christmas and Summer season.

Since last year, because of some circumstances, we have not done any of this treat.

That is why, Yesterday, one of our Board members, „Architect Armin Rief as I always says," Kenny Roger", has a plan that we should now celebrate one of our "Get Together".

Moreover, here, I share to you some of our happiness yesterday.

It was so wonderful and jolly, full of jokes, laughter and funs n funs n funs…

Full of jokes and of course; the time we get together, to talk our happenings, too.

hannelore n Paul

FCK Weihnachtsfeier-

Have a wonderful Day my Friends, enjoy it......................God bless


ness said...

looks very sadya mo, sa. it's nice to see you all enjoying each others company and having loads of fun! friends are gifts from God, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Praying for YOU is my way of saying "You are special to me so I asked God to pour whats best for you & what will make you happy". God loves you..Gud nyte. Thanx

lucita uy

raqgold said...

it is always great to be with friends! i hope to see you here soon :) let's work it out this summer.

Mari said...

What a fun Christmas time you had...it was late but what's important is the enjoyment that you all had.

Have a blessed day.

Babette said...

Vks, kamusta ka na dyan? I hope ur feeling better each day. Kamusta na Mama mo? Belated Happy bday kila Kim and Sascha. Sorry ngayon lang ako nakadalaw. Tawag ako sa yo this week, ano ba ang pasok mo?

Definitely Maybe!
Not Just Another Blog...

Anonymous said...

Never forget
to thank God
for all the blessings he's given us.
No matter
how good
or bad,
always a
and it's
for the best.
GOD BLES, gd pm


Lanie said...

hi vick, kumusta kana, what is this a late christmas gathering.. that must be a lot of fun. thanks for stopping by.. wala diay ka nagpaid blogging.. have fun viewing all the photos here. god regards.

Nance said...

dito sa states meron sila Christmas in July kaya parang ganyan din siguro dyan, masaya parang lahat nag enjoy!

Lily said...

Hello Vickie,

Salamat sa duaw ha, lipay kaau ko kita nimo call baya ka nako pero Im sure wala ka that time. anyway glad to know ur doing great and have loads of fun.

Thanks for always sharing it to us your everyday adventure,take care and enjoy the Tuesday!

Belated happy birthday to Sacha and Kim. pasensya na ha wala nako ka greet pero habol na lang ning akoa.

God bless.

ness said...

hi vicki,

nagvisit-visit lang ko diri.

yeah, when you come home to dumaguete, magkita unya ta! i'm looking forward to that!

Lutchi said...

Halo Vikz, salamat sa tag...okay rami diri. TC

Rolly said...

unsa ni vk, sa christmas pa ni?

cielo said...

hi mommy V,
i just hope that when the time comes na makapagmigrate na rin kaming family, we will also be ablt to find friends at the same time we will be able to fit in sa ibang nationalities, just like you

Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you had a wonderful time with friends. It looks like a great and fun-filled get together.

kramlo said...

hello ate vk! im back in blogging...nice to visit here a again..

MariKay said...

Dear vicki, thank you for stopping by my place. you are such a good person with a kind heart. the world needs more people like you. thank you for reading my blog and sharing your stories...

Sexy Mom said...

the pictures spoke for themselves--what fun you had! august na naman, umuulan dito, 4 months na lang, christmas na naman. take care Vicki

Bem said...

ay ang saya naman! na-miss ko tuloy ang friends ko, ang tagal na namin hindi nagkita-kita. glad you had fun.

i'm a constant visitor of your site because it's warm and happy. i think i got here thru "homeworked".