Mar 17, 2008

Visit to Oma Tilly...................

Oma Tilly, she is already 93 yrs. old

Last Sunday, we visited Oma Telly,
She lived in
Irsch, is a municipality in the Trier-Saarburg district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
It takes only two hrs to drive from here in Limburgerhof to Irsch.

Helga, Ernst and Carmen, their daughter

We planned, after visiting Oma and Bernie’s Onkel,
we sleep in a hotel or lodging house that near in
so we can have a sightseeing tour in
Trier, then we plan to drive in Luxembourg, too.
Trier to Luxembourg maybe takes only 30-40 mins. to drive.

However, we went home, because it rains too heavy, and the weather broadcast
that the following day, still raining and maybe it will snow.
That is why we drive home. Because it is useless, when it is raining, we will not enjoy.

This afternoon, Kim and I we went to Mannheim, I want to have a new haircut.

Here is my new haircut…..short and easy to manage.

It is so light and it takes so easy to dry it.

In addition, of course Kim has something for Gina.

cute ni gina!!!!!!


I find this Bag; I like it, it is only informal bag.

I buy because of the Price, too, 50% Sale.

See, it is not nice?

Moreover, of course the name too, Burberry?

When I arrived here in our flat, I looked if made in U.K.

Na ja, as usual........Made In China…...

Made for Germany, but made in “where n where”…

That is for today…I have nothing to do, while watching TV, I remember only

What was our happening yesterday and today with kim.

Telebaba lang po ito………

Have a nice Day to all


Mari said...

Hey, ganda ng haircut mo. Ako rin maigsing maigsi ang buhok ko ngayon.

Yeah, everything nowadays is made in China. If you buy something not made in China, you are lucky. LOL

Have a great day, Vicki.

Kathy, the Single-Minded Offshoot said...

I made a comment on the wrong post so I will try again. I am so pleased to meet Oma Tilly who lives in the house in my picture. I am pleased that you will make a link to the picture on your Blog. I wish Oma Tilly a very happy birthday. Oma Tilly - Zum Geburtstag, viel Glück.

Kathy in Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

hello vicki,nice hair....bakasyon na dyud no?pero tugnaw lang gihapon....enjoy your vacation....


tina said...

yay nice haircut huh! and books!! you are so blessed to have them for freee!! ang sweet naman. hehe

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Vicki. Glad you had a nice visit from family.

I love your new hairstyle. Nice, simple with some layers.

I like keeping my hair short too so I can easily manage it especially now that summer is here.

What a cute bag perfect for a cute lil' doggie. Very stylish! :)

Lily said...

Hi Vickie Finally got to bloghop,just get better so here I am doing my rounds, nice haircut and my the bag is too cute for Gina, youre rigth its snowing here rigth now,but its on and off. anyway shing you all a great week. take care always.

ZJ said...

Hi Ate Vicki. Ganahan ko sa imong new hair!! Also, ka-cute kay Gina uy :D

Babette said...

Nice hair cut Vicky :) Kamusta ka na dyan? SAyang di kayo nakapagstay sa Trier. I hope the weather's going to be nice when we meet.

Michelle said...

Vk surprise na no? sorry used lang na cya kay cge jud ko pangita ug new sa ebay wala man may gani naka kita ko ga inusara ra jud na cya sa ebay amo ako jud gi palit dayon, ga pray jud ko na maayo ang hitsura pa. Tan awa didto sa akong blog mindot kaayo ang mga bag vk nya barato ra kaayo like Gucci makapalit lang ka ug 160 euro. Mosulat lang ko nya nimo usab ha kay dia busy na sad ko ug luto ug cake pra ugma kay naa naman sad gapaluto nko for 15 people.

Nance said...

hi vk,
naku ganyan din ako pag bakasyon, parang mas busy! right now i am slowly spring cleaning our house, kasi may houseguest kami next month.

daming compartments ng bag mo 'no? kaya nga lang,made in china? mahilig ako sa mga bags :)

chase / chubz said...

ohhh.. what a cute little puppy..

Kathy, the Single-Minded Offshoot said...

Love your blog. Easter was busy for me - for you too, I can see. I love the decorations and the food looks fantastic. I did want to answer your husband's question. My great grandfather was Mathias Meier but my 3rd great grandmother was Maria Margaretha Weber, daughter of Johann Weber. So maybe we are related far, far back. My relatives in Irsch are the Hans Günther Heiser family and the Ingo Heiser family. They are from the Hauser/Schwawel family.

Ylan said...

biliba gyud nako, 93 years old, kaabot kaha ko anah?
same pud sa lola sa akong ofcmate, naa ron sa Mindanao, shes 93 years old :)