Mar 9, 2008

Sascha´s Abitur Ball...........March 8, 2008

The Graduates........Abitur Ball

When the Graduates walked in the Aisles of the Hall,

When I heard the Name of Sascha Lamberz,

I cannot express my happiness looking at my Son, walking, getting inside with his partner, (umiyak nga ako, kasi hindi ako maka paniwala, proud na proud talaga ako,.......)

I saw in his face, his smile of happiness. His face was glowing of happiness and excitement.

I am really, very happy watching and looking at him.

A feeling of happiness and I am very, very Proud of my Son.

Not only me, my Family in the Philippines, too, they are very proud of what Sascha´s achievement.

Chemistry Class
(his major subjects, Chemistry,Biology n English)

Yes, He got it, He done it; He is Proud of it, and his worth of it.

Praise God for your blessing. Your guidance of my Son, for making and achieved it.

The Party was so wonderful, enjoyable, lively, and full of Joy.

Sascha with Diehl Family

Sascha with Amschler family

The foods were very, very delicious; it served with cold and warm buffet.

The Service, the Band, the Music, Dance and the presentations of the Graduates,too.

They have also Men’s Ballet, Sport and Macho dancer….

Please see and view in my Webshots Album, you will enjoy viewing them.

We went home, around 1am, while Kim was so tired and feel sleepy already.

We are proud of you Sascha…………

Follow your Goal, your dream and works for it.

Good Luck to you my son………………..

God always with You

Please, if you have time, just click our Webshots Album, we loaded all the pics. which was taken last night. We do hope you enjoy viewing it.

Thank you

Please click and enjoying viewing......... My Webshots Album


Babette said...

Hi Vks, maganda pala dyan, kasama ang family sa celebration. :) Tulog ka na ata dyan, let me know kung anong day ang off mo. Congratulations again to Sascha. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of Sascha's special day. It's a great time to celebrate such a wonderful achievement. I'm happy for your whole family especially to Sascha for doing great. He looks very handsome in his suit ... beside his beautiful mom. :)

Anonymous said...

hi vicki,

congrats again....kabalo nako unsa akong buhaton kung diana na ang musunod....I'm happy for you.....

Mari said...

A milestone for Sascha. Congratulations to him for making it, and to the rest of the Lamberz family.

Lily said...

Once again my big Congrat's to Sacha:-) and to the porud Mommy Vickie Im sure everyone was having a great time on the event. thanks for sharing this to us Vickie take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

Mira said...

Congratulations to Sascha you must be a very proud mama! Congratulations to you and your family as well on this milestone. Tks for sharing the nice photos, I feel like as if I was part of the event, ;-) very nice. Have a great week Vks.

ZJ said...

Hello Ate Vicki.
Congratulations to Sascha for this great achievement, and to you and your husband for giving him your time, encouragement and most of all your unconditional love! Proud na proud jud si mader, uy :D The pictures allowed us to share with your happiness and family pride.

Ana P. S. said...

Hi Vk, congrats talaga sa inyo. How nice na finally naka graduate na gyod ang imong eldest. No more wories na. Graduating is a stepping stone to success na yan, kaya congrats to him and you being the proud parents. I can imagine na proud na proud kayo, I would feel that kasi big achievement yan eh. Ok ah, kind regards me always. Thanks for sharing the pics. You all look stunning and elegant.

Michelle said...

Congrats to Sascha and ofcourse to mama and papa!!! Hay Vk apil sad ko hilak dri.Basta Congrats jud!!!

Amy said...

manay vick, Félicitations to sacha!! such a great achievements for him..

enjoyed viewing all the photos.. dalaga na si kim manay. wink*

Princess K said...

Hi, Tita V, I ma here to congratulate your very handsome son for whatever he accomplished in life. It sounds great and you guys looks great too.

I'm sure everyone of your family is very very proud of Sascha.

Congrats again!

I love all the photos!

Midas said...

Congratulations to your Sacha VK. What a handsome man...he's a knock-out and he's smart too. He's got everything!

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mermaidejen said...

Dhay Vicki, Congratulations to Sascha, wow that's really a big celebration. I can relate how you feel, bravo proud mama, you've done your part with love and perserverance. Keep it up for Kim, another stage is coming for Sascha. Am happy for you dear, you have a great family and Sascha is dazzling with happines for a well deserve achievement. Cheers !!

Angel said...

Hello VK Congratulations to Sascha!!! Ka swerte gyud ni mommy VK kay buotan kaayo ang iyang anak nag tarong gyud ug skwela gwapo pa gyud kaayo. COngratulations again to Sascha!

Angel said...

VK salamat sa imong message sa about sa akung auntie ha! resort man diay tua Bon dili ko kabalo unsaon tua cya contact. maulaw man gud ko ug email adto kay business man pero salamat gyud kaayo ha!

ghee said...

now thats the real graduation ball and ceremonies! :)congratulations to Sascha,VK :)

grabeh,paano kong ikucompare ang graduation ceremonies dito sa japan?ni wala nga akong magandang kuha ni haru nung gumradweyt sha last 11th,LOL!waalng kabuhay buhay dito,super tahimik ng okasyon,LOL!

i like the pic of you and your son,VK ;)

at yung first pic,nung una di ko makita si Sascha kasi parang magkakamukha silng lahat sa tingin ko,haha!

be proud!

Robelyn said...

Hallo ate musta na? sorry hindi ako naka reply sa message mo kasi medyo masama pakiramdam.

wow how nice naman ate please extend our congratulations to sascha, and thanks for dropping by.

Ylan said...

late nako dah, congrats to you and to Sascha! :)

ness said...

Congratulations to Sascha! What a unique name? unsay meaning ana?