Mar 31, 2008

Florian First Communion

florian communion cake, bake and idea from his tante Andrea

Sunday, March 30, 2008, Florian has his First Communion, held here in our Town, Limburgerhof at St. Bonifacio Catholic Church.
The Mass started at 9; 30 am, and the party held at Golf Restaurant-Limburgerhof.

It is a family feast, with Streun and Lamberz Family, and his godparents and family.

Florian is the 3rd nephew of Bernie, he´s 9 yrs. old.

I have more pictures to share, please click our Webshot Album,

Hope you enjoy viewing our pictures here.

Florian 1st Communion

“Too much are more and few is better”….,

Through pictures, I can express and shares our happiness and happenings here.

Have a wonderful Weekdays to all………………….


Mari said...

Wow, that is some big celebration. Lucky young man this Florian is. Hooray for him.

raqgold said...

congrats to florian. MC would have to wait for two years, i think, for the first communion.

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to Florian on his First Communion. It's nice to see how supportive his family and friends are on his special day.

That's a lovely personalized cake.

Midas said...

Wow...what a lovely event. Thank you for sharing it with us Vicky.

Ladynred said...

Congratulations sa first communion sa imo anak VK. I'm sure it's very happy event for your family.
Salamat sa pagbisita sa ako foodblog. Do come back again if you are hungry...hehehehehe!

Ladynred said...

Kadtong Lasagna Roll. Lasagna sheets tu sya imo usa iboil para mahumok. Ang mangga salad imo lang iipon sa garden salad.

chase / chubz said...

i remembered my first communion. our practice session was kalawat nga gituslob ug bino.. yuck!

Amy said...

cgi lang mo pakals dinha uy.. pa apila pod mi bi. hehehe* nindot lagi to iya cake w/ pic on it.. ikaw ga bake ato manay? wink*

i noticed too that kim loves black & white colors (clothes) murag si alyssa diri pod:)

Cielo said...

congrats to you Florian on your first communion :)

Nance said...

mukhang ang saya! summer, dami na namang parties! salamat sa mga pagkain, may mga tao dyan na walang makain ... we're lucky!