Feb 22, 2008

I do not know, happy or sad….....

Thank you very much God, Sascha got it….Praise God

Yesterday, when sascha says that he has to reserved 4 tickets for their “ABITUR-BALL” this coming March 8, and March 5 for the “FEIERSTUNDE FÜR ABITURJAHRGANG, 2008”

In addition, he needs a new Anzug (a well-fitting suit,) for the occasion.

I smile at him, I do not know what shall I say or what is my feeling.

I say to him, “wait first, we do it when we know that you pass the exam,

We prepare or buy the things, when we are sure that you got it, rather than we prepare everything, then you did not pass the Exam and you are not an “ABITURIENT”…

Abitur….Here, which you can study in University or Fachhochschule (Specialist College with university level courses)

The official term for Abitur in Germany is Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife (often translated as General Qualification for University Entrance or Certificate for Overall Maturity for Higher Education).

Sascha, just smile and says back to me, He said, "Mama, I am sure I pass the exam, please don’t dream or hope that I got the Note 1.” In addition, he said, too.

Mama, you must attend the BALL and the Ceremony party. This is what you Dream for, that I finish and got this.

I am really shock, what sascha says to me. He does not forget what I always say to him. That the most important is He and Kim will think of their study.

That if he can, he got this Abitur, so that he can study in the Uni. or any special colleges.

Last night, I cannot sleep, thinking n thinking… I say and pray to God, “thy will be done, I trust my children to you.”

Lunchtime, while cooking, I always looks outside if sascha is coming,

I am very eager to know what the result is.

When I saw him, he is not smiling, a little bit; Na ja….happy face is not.

I am very sad and my heart, beats so very fast.

I think that maybe sascha did not have it.

Maybe He is not in the list.

I asked him right away, I ask and follow him in his room.

He is sad, but he said,” Not too bad Mama, but I do not expect this score.”

So bad, it is not, but it is Ok, really, Ok…

When Bernie came, they go shopping for sascha´s suit.

For the suit, it is nice and fits him.

I just show the pics, when he wears it already on March 5 and 10.

Of course, our family pictures, too.

I am very happy, happy, and happy.

How much more when sascha, finish in the University and with TITLE, right?

That is a long, long, and long way to go.

Congratulations Sascha, we pray and wish you more good lucks and success for the future.

God bless you

Here, I share to you some pics, of Kim eating already Strawberries, it is not yet, summer season, but there is already strawberries...na ja,in Green House.

see, eating while talking at the telephone,....... the mamas too.....lol

and gina?...here´s it, at my bed......nice life, isn´t it?????????

To Josie, Heartily Thanks for these you send to me.

Thank you very much; I cooked the misua, with ligo sardines and the Upo,

Nakain ko in one time lang, Ako lang…sus nabusog gyd ko kayo uy.

Daghan Salamat gyd kaayo. Feeling ko sa Dumaguete, Mama cooks Sabaw na Misua with Sardinas and tambuali.”

Again, thank you very much for the visit.

Have a nice weekend to all.....................


Midas said...

Vicki, congrats to your Sascha (paano ba yan i-pronounce?)

VK, I got something for you here.

michelle said...

Hello Vk, gabasa ko sa imong msg,i have tears in my eyes,coz i know happy ka being a mother na nakita nimo imong anak in that way,he grow up in a good way. And I hope God will give you/us long life pa,namakakita ta sa tong anak mangapo na..di ba?! Congrats to Sascha and ofcourse sa inyong duha ni tito bern. God bless!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Vicki. I'm so happy for Sascha's wonderful achievement. It's a great reason to celebrate and be merry. Looking forward to see photos of the much anticipated event.

BTW, you have an award on my blog. I'm not sure if I've told you already. I can be quite forgetful at times. You can see the award on my Thursday Thirteen entry.

Take care!

Mari said...

Vicki, congratulations to Sascha. He's a good kid, always remembers what you wished for him.

Have a good weekend.

Amy said...

congrats to sacha manay! you should be proud of him;)

btw, naa na bitaw strawberry.. from Spain. nakapalit ko two days ago og trés parfumée baya. hehehe*

sasha said...

Ay congrats kay Sascha, te Vk! He will surely make it, with you guiding and praying for him along the way :)

Happy weekend po! Nami-miss ko na ang pagdalaw mo sa blog ko hehe

Lily said...

Congrats to Sacha! that is really wonderful news.
Kalami sab ana talong murag gikan sa pinas. lami sab ang Upo wala gyud ko kita ani dinhe sa among asia laden. yay! anyway happy week-end ninyo dinha Vickie. wish u had a fantastic one. tc always regards to Kim from Tante Lily.

ghee said...

ang cute naman ni Kim at ni Gina.

at wow!ang lalaki ng talong!haha,nanibago ako kasi short but thick ang mga talong dito,LOL!

at may upo pa,wow!miss them all na!

fav ko rin ang ligo,palaman sa tinapay :)

Utah Mommy said...

Aguy ka lami sa gikaon ni inday Kim nimo manay woi sus naglaway gyud tawn ang buntis diri hehehehe ug ang imong ulitawo kalami man tawn na niya woi swerte gyud kaayo sila naay mapinanggaong inahan ug swerte pod si mama kay lambing kaayo iyang mga anak.

Imong mga gipang display diri manay ba kay perti nakog ibuga huhuhuhuu kapait igo nalang kos lantaw sa picture lol! Ayo ayo dinha manay