Feb 13, 2008


You're My friend,

my companion,

through good times

and bad

my friend,

my buddy,

through happy and sad,

beside me you stand,

beside me you walk,

you're there to listen,

you're there to talk,

with happiness,

with smiles,

with pain and tears,

I know you'll be there,

throughout the years!

You are all good friends to me

and I am grateful to you.

Happy Valentines Day, my dear Bernie....................


Babette said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too palangga! :) Friends are great to have around, kahit na di mo pa nami-meet. Tayo malapit na, yun eh pag di kami naligaw dyan. hehe

JOY said...

Happy Valentines Day Bon..nice lagi ning graphics deri..dis a man ni gikan? wahehehe..

dodong flores said...

Happy Valentine's Day, VK!

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you for this beautiful poem of friendship. Happy Valentine's Day to you Vicki and to your lovely family.

If you have time, I tagged you:
Circle of Friends

raqgold said...

happy valentine's day!

Lanie G said...

happy valentines day Vick, asa man inyo date amo sa saturday pa.

Mari said...

Oh, how sweet.
Happy Valentine's Day to you, Vicki.

Nance said...

Happy V day sa inyong dalawa (vicki/bernie)
sarap ng milka 'no? meron ditong milka sa Aldi's store, main store yata nila sa Germany. doon din ako bumibili ng Kuhne Sauerkraut ... yummmyy!