Jan 5, 2008


Tomorrow is the visit of the Three Kings to Jesus at the one stable of Bethlehem.
Here, the first Communion Children’s make this, they visit to every house and bless.
Hope they pass to us and bless our flat and my family.

I remember before Kim does these too….like this pics.

kim in the middle

I say our thanks to all our friends, who shared their greetings and blessing to us.
Thank You for your Greetings Comments/Tags here in our Blog, email Card, email greetings, your Christmas cards sent thru Post:


Amy, by the way your Card was Opened, and says,"Regrettably, the item was damaged and has therefore been provided with a plastic cover by the German Post."




Anna Weissenmayer

And the presents, from Ana P.Scharf ...................

Present from Kookie......................

To all my Friends who greeted us thru Friendster….your Comments and Messages, Thank you very much.

To Bisdak Friends , Your Greetings/Blessing to us, which posted, Dec. 25, MALIPAYONG PASKO by Bonbon...........Thank You very much too.

Happy Three Kings to All....................


Amy said...

manay, basin duda cla naa to sulod "ok2" mao giabli og tuyo. lol*

anaps said...

Hi Vk, thanks for the kind New Year greetings. May you also have a very prosperous year not only this year but all years to come. Anyway, you are welcome, a person who is as giving and kind as you deserves good things in return. There is no act of kindness that can do unpunished...LOL. Okay, regards me to all of you. Happy New Year!!!

Barb said...

Mrs. Mahal Kaayo, you are welcome. :) I hope we will see each other this summer. I already talked to Evelyn and we will see her for a week in Trier on the last week of our month-long vacation.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Vicki. Happy Three Kings. That's a nice tradition that you have there.

It's sweet of you to thank each one who sent you Christmas cards. I see that you are loved by many and I'm not surprised because you have a kind heart. I'm lucky to have met you through blogging. Looking forward to another great year of continuing friendship. God bless.

Lanie G said...

Hi vick, your welcome. Kamo ra biya akong napadal-an ug card kay na out of card ko ug nabusy nako walay nay time magpadala.. maong better luck next year nalang. Happy three king to your and your family. We just came home from boston.. we went to go to aqaurium and go out dinner in legal seafood for hubby's advance birthday treat..take care

ghee said...

wow naman!you are so adorable Vickie!ang daming gifts!!

talaga?nanganak na si Ethel?waaahh,akala ko 1 more month to go??well well,congratulations to her!

natawa ako sa comment mo,di mo nahalata yung fats ko sa pic ko>nawala yung curves sa likod?haha

JOY said...

oh lagi Bon ako to tanan..bag o paman ni migrate deri Au gud pero kadto akoa site gama naku daan para deri updates ba..ang uban kay paid blogs man unya ang kikay para akoa self unya ang ozlife sa family. Lahi sab online bible serving GOD in a blogging way to spread world peace ba..unom man akoa blog pero ang duha di lang linking friends..e add baya ko ha ayaw kalimti..hilak jud ko do...