Jan 13, 2008

It´s another Surprise to me again !!!!!!!!!

It is another Surprise to me again!

While waiting for the time to go in the church, I opened here my Blog, to see if what is new and news.

I am very surprised ………….My God, what a wonderful Blog I have,

The Header, which Bernie likes it very much?

The background of my blog, the both sides and the arrangement are so very neat and clean.

Carlota, how can we say our thanks to you?

You are so kind to us, your effectiveness, efforts, ideas, time and monitoring my Blog, which you shared to us.

Words and always saying Thank You are not enough to say our gratitude.

Bernie and I say, Heartily Thanks to You.

Hope that you will not bore, making and planning something for my blog.

A couple of weeks, my Blog was OUT………….I mean the Christmas Thoughts n Style was delete.

Bernie want something to let me see, about the Header and the Colours.

And when He wants to returned it backed to normal ones, Which Carlota done,

All was deleting……………..

In addition, we doesn’t know why it happens……………….

That result of doing something is not our Work or Ideas.

Thanks, here is again, Thanks to Carlota, for her time and effort to do it,

It is more and more nice and nicer.

So again, ‘’we Thank you very much, Carlota”.

Bernie and Vicki


Nance said...

vk, it's up to you if you want to post this comment.

but, don't worry about a thing, it will be over before you know it and you will be back here blogging again with your happy personality! You are special, you have a lot of friends behind you and we just have to trust God and pray that everything will be a success! Medical technologies now are amazing, whatever the doctors/surgeons have to do, they will do it successfully... don't worry.

sorry, i accidentally published your comment in my blog so I temporarilly removed my post until i can figure out how to delete your comment. I will pray for your successful OP.

Nance said...

Carl! nice job! i love the new look!

vk ... girl you are so lucky! you have lots of friends and i don't wonder why ... you are such a friendly, nice, and unpretentious lady!

good luck!

Carlota said...

Thanks Nance!

Bernie and Vk you guys are so welcome, glad you like it.

Vk- wala na to nako gigamit ang kadtong akong gipakita kay sagbot tan-awon ug ako sab gihimo-an ug background kay wala man jud ko makit-an na mo bagay ani mao gihimo-an na lang nako ug magic. hehehe. oh yeah- pag switch nako to beta blogger maayo kay wala diay mangawagtag ang old links naka save ko ug time. abi man nako na mag start over ko. hehehe. maayo gani kay katoltol ko asa pandayon na dili hilabtan or mawagtang ang mga page elements. pero ok ra kaayo kay as i said i didn't spent that much time. gi shortcut ra nako wink* segi ayo ayo mo kanunay. again you guys are so welcome. God bless!

Amy said...

yup, so nicely done! once again BIG Bravo to our talented architect & interieur decorator.. wink*

Mari said...

Vicki, you are some lucky lady. Because you're such a nice person, down-to-earth, and unpretentious, you are loved by everyone.

Here's to you...cheers!

Anonymous said...

Nindota ra da balay god........salute kaayo ko ni Carlota ug mohimo sa mga balayy Vk........

Si Angie kuhaan ug dugo Vk ......haron maklaro ug ngano taas kaayo ug hilanat moabot ug 40 ang hilanat ug dili nimo trapohan bugnaw...... looy baya ko ni Angie kay naluya siya Vk ang hitsura, naa dagway virus dagway ron kay si Carmen ing-ana man pod hilanat ra pod

Lily said...

Hi there Vickie, musta kana di-a ni agi ani imong balay,bitaw nice color siya Bon and ang header wow! kudos to Carlota for being so creative lagi boutan kaau ni atong designer architect. anyway Happy Tuesday ninyo dinha. tc always.

SexyMom said...

my dear Vicki--you deserve all the attention, love and friendship, because you are indeed a true friend. my prayers for you. and take care always

raqgold said...

hi vk - good to have good friends to help out di ba? saw your comment in my blog, sige, EB tayo after easter!

ghee said...

Thats very nice and sweet of Carlots talaga :)

and syempre,your hubby!