Jan 25, 2008


Here I am again; I was out from the Beauty Farm...heheheh
from Marien Hospital-Stuttgart, yesterday.
Bernie got me there, and here I am, always sleeping because of my Medicines.
However, even though my eyes will not opened, I peep here, because I missed you all,
all the talks and sharing our happenings.

Thank You very much for the visits and greeting to my 48th B-days, Thank You

My beauty OP was successful......lol......I would say, if I can say NO, I would, but I need it very badly.

Na ja, if I am already fit and my eyes are wide Opened, I would say and write here the details, Why I have this and why I should have this.

Nevertheless, please, don’t think this is a Beauty OP, Vicki likes to be more beautiful and more beautiful, so that all the wrinkles will not show......................lol

No, I accept, what I am, how I look at...............My Being what I Look like is the most Precious Gift What GOD gives me. In His Image and Likeness.

Praise God...............

Ay, natutuwa ako sa mga complimento nyo, Thank you very much. That my face is, ano ba yon…lumaki tuloy ang kasingkagol ko po…...lol

Again, thank you to all, to all your prayers, wishes and all and all…

yu look younger at your age!!

Stay young and stay happy!!

Try not to get old, :)

Wow! 48 and still looking good :)

Stay happy and you will stay young.

U are looking great at 48.

I cannot believe you are 48...you look much, much younger than that.

Hay, sana at saka……………Pero, pagnakita nyo ang mga pics, ko, siguro, you would say, ay Hindi pala totoo ang nakita nyo…………….If you have time, please view my pics at my WEBSHOTS ALBUM.

Ok, here I share my new face now, my present face in moment..................I update and loaded it here, so I won’t forget my face now and I have still time and have gets to uploaded here all and to share to you all my friends.

I do hope you don’t mind or mis-understood this, I love to share this to you all, as your friend,
a true friend of yours!

I don’t think anything fault or anything about this, ............I like only to share to you all, if anybody has this problem, you can ask me, maybe we have the same problem.
Then I can say and tell about my problem and experienced, everything, up to this time.

M present case, is not yet finished, but,

Thanks to God, I have made the 2 Majors OP,

I have still some OP, but this is only minor ones.

..........what the doctors says, always says.......”.Don’t worry, this is only a routinely works”..........hehehehehhe

But Trust and Hope to all in our Almighty God, then everything is OK and runs smoothly.........without thinking of it, that everything is.:::::::::::::::::::::tapos na pala.

"Do not worry about anything; instead PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING."

If I have time, I loaded and share to you my FIRST OP last March 1,2007, I search first where I save all the pics from the beginning up to Jan.19,2008, OK..............I would not promised but I would try.

If you have time, please view my OP pictures from Jan. 20 up today’s pics.
Hope you will not feel over given or feel something bad, while looking my pics.

Until next time....................................Presently, everything is ok, my health is in the best.

Praise God.................................

Saka na ako visit sa inyo ha?....kung maka stay na ako dito ng more than 24hrs.......ok?

Regards to all and God Bless

I may greet to one of my closed and a very thoughtful Friend, Kookie, for her Birthday today…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, kookie and May you have more happy birthdays to come, God Bless you always...


kookie said...


Lanie G said...

Hi Vicky, belated happy birthday sa inyo ni kookie..wow murag isa na ko katuig wala kabisit dinhi ah.. wala diay ka mo-enter ug paid blogging thing vick..nga halos naman atong mga amiga sa kablogworld nagpaid blog..48 na diay ka dili ma-ilhan mura pa gihapon ug 40.. dili na biro ha.. na sige have a great weekend. tc

Lily said...

Hi There Vickie,
Dropping by to say Hello. glad everything went well and that your doing good now.just take your time and get some rest. Have a great week-end.
take care and God bless.

Amy said...

hi vicki, nice to see you back blogging! ni guapa man ka samot oi.. wink* bitaw, happy to hear that everythings ok. cgi, pahulay lang usa unya nalang ko samok2 nimo kon completely recovered na ka. ok!

naa diay ka contrata diri sa akog payag.. kuhaa lang unya diri: http://pinay-at-heart.blogspot.com/2008/01/friendship-contract.html kon naa ka time. tenk u very mucho. heheheh*

SexyMom said...

Alam mo, hindi ka lang maganda sa panlabas,i can feel it, even if magkalayo tayo, that you are very beautiful in the inside. Yes, Vicki, the past months have made us good friends. i always look forward to hearing from you, no matter how busy I am. i know, one of these days, we will meet. God bless you.
Lovelots. Dine

Mari said...

Sang ayon ako sa iyo Dine, na maganda si Vicki sa loob at labas. Sabi ko na nuon pa na down-to-earth na tao siya. I would enjoy her company very much, if ever she and I get would get together.

God bless you.

Nance said...

you're baaaaccckkkkk! hurray!
glad to know the OP was a success!
gotta go to work for now but i'll be back.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Vicki. I'm glad everything went well on your operation. You look radiant as ever.

ghee said...

Hi Vickie,

youve been hospitalized pala.pls share the details pag magaling ka na at gising na ang diwa mo :)

get well soon!!and congratulations for the success of your beauty OP(di ko lang maintindihan kung ano ba yun,LOL!)


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Thank You very much to all.
sprachlos-speechless talaga ako.

maraming salamat,
Thank you.....