Dec 1, 2007

HAPPY FIRST ADVENT TO ALL............................

The first candle is traditionally the candle of Expectation or Hope .

The word Advent means "coming" or "arrival."

Red and Green are more secular colors of Christmas. Although they derive from older European practices of using evergreens and holy to symbolize ongoing life and hope that Christ’s birth brings into a cold world, they are not used as liturgical colors during Advent since they have other uses in other parts of the church year.

The beginning of Advent is a time for the hanging of the green, decoration with evergreen wreaths, boughs, or trees that help to symbolize the new and everlasting life brought through Jesus the Christ.

The Advent wreath is an increasingly popular symbol of the beginning of the Church year in many churches as well as homes. It is a circular evergreen wreath (real or artificial) with five candles, four around the wreath and one in the center. Since the wreath is symbolic and a vehicle to tell the Christmas story, there are various ways to understand the symbolism.

The circle of the wreath reminds us of God Himself, His eternity and endless mercy, which has no beginning or end.

The green of the wreath speaks of the hope that we have in God, the hope of newness, of renewal, of eternal life.

Candles symbolize the light of God coming into the world through the birth of His son.

The four outer candles represent the period of waiting during the four Sundays of Advent, which themselves symbolize the four centuries of waiting between the prophet Malachi and the birth of Christ.

The light of the candles itself becomes an important symbol of the season. The light reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world that comes into the darkness of our lives to bring newness, life, and hope.

It also reminds us that we are called to be a light to the world as we reflect the light of God's grace to others (Isa 42:6).

The first candle is traditionally the candle of Expectation or Hope .

The remaining three candles of Advent may be associated with different aspects of the Advent story in different churches, or even in different years.

The third candle, usually for the Third Sunday of Advent and symbolizes Joy at the soon Advent of the Christ.

The center candle is white and is called the Christ Candle.
It is traditionally lighted on Christmas Eve or Day.

The central location of the Christ Candle reminds us that the incarnation is the heart of the season, giving light to the world.

I do this, my center candle,during the Christmas Eve.

As usual, during our Sunday breakfast.

Have a wonderful celebrating the 1st Advent.........................Happy Sunday to all!


ChristineHaze said...

wow vikai pagka anindot sa imoha mansion diri uy...

nindota sa family frames dah...tagsa2x jud. Nindot gyud buhok ooh with bangs pa.

Nindota ani moha decorasyon vikai uy...maau gyud ka ug pangamot diha dah. maau pagka ugay-ugay, hehehehe.

si kim sitting pretty kaau!

Amy said...

wow, very nice xmas layout.. pasko na kaau. great pics too:) happy 1st advent manay!

Lily said...

Happy 1st Advent sab ninyo dinha Vickie, wala nako na picturan akong advent candles, next time na lang sab. wala pa gani nako na picturan tanan akong christmas decor di man daghan gamay ra noon, pang christmas spirit sa balay, salamat baya sa kanunay pag agi sa akong balay ha. youre presence always appreciated gyud take care and enjoy the Sunday.

Lolli said...

hala ka gwapa sa deco nimo sa table Bon :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Monday Vicki. This is such a beautiful post.

The first candle of the Advent Wreath was lighted during the Saturday mass at our village.

The Advent Wreath is a great symbol of hope. How nice that you have your very own Advent Wreath at home. It's beautiful. I like the idea of having one at home. Maybe next year, we can get one too.

Thank you for visiting. It's a wonderful Monday morning here. It's 5:26 am. I'm taking Yohan to school in a while but wanted to visit you first. Take care!

krystyna said...

Hi Vk,
thank you for your wonderful explanation of the meaning of the light, candles and others Christmas symbolics. Your great pics are perfect with your Advent's post. It is very inspiring and brings warmth to my heart.
Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

krystyna said...

Your Christmas-blog place is amazing!!!
Very beautiful!!!
From my visit here I really feel that Christmas is coming and your family remind that family is very important.

Lanie G said...

Hi vick, kumusta, happy first advent.. I like your decors... na sige just passing by. tc

sasha said...

Happy advent, ate vk! Nahuli ako ng bati pero better late than never naman daw di ba? :)

Have a fruitful week ahead, ate! :)


ann said...

Buti ka pa nakapagstart ka na ng preparations para sa x'mas. Feel pa rin ang pasko kahit malayo sa pinas.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ate Vk! It is been a long time ate coz I have been busy lately especially in fixing my papers so I can come back to Norway next year and can make it on my wedding date. We already have our xmas decors here in my grandma's place in the Phils. and I am also happy that my dearest Odd is joining me here for Christmas and New Year. said...

hello, came by thru chases' blog..


nabasa ko ang comment mo dun and quite surprised

ghee said...

beautiful pictures Vickie,
Thanx for reminded me of advent,puro decorations lang nf xmas ang nakikita ko rito pero wala yung real spirit ng xmas :)

take care always dear!

Norm said...

wow! beautiful pics! nice naman ang lugar na ito, I love your site, bongga talaga...Happy Advent din sayo...Merry Christmas

ladyracs said...

Super ka nindot sa imong decorations dae Vicky oi...
Happy first advent bisan naulahi na ko... Love all you designs, you got a talent, ako la gyud, la na gani koy kurtina kay gipangguba man sa akong mga bogy, ilang ginabitayan, so tua sa basement nagtambak.

Christmas na gyud kaayo imong baly dae pati imong blog... Thanks sa comments nimo, I'm saying goodbye to blogging world. Thanks for all your sweet words, and for sharing your family to me, I really apprecaite you friendship even just in a smal amount of time...TC always and have a Wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Mari said...

Hey, Vicki! Buti ka nakapag-decorate ka na ng Christmas. Ako walang-wala pa. Christmas na sa bahay mo talaga.

Have a nice day.