Nov 25, 2007


Why should I be afraid

if trouble comes.
There is no need to be afraid
If evil people sorround me
and try to trap me.
Some people think their strength and
wealth will protect them.
But those people are fools.
No human friend can save you.
And you can´t bribe GOD.
No person will ever get enough money
to buy his own life.
No person will ever get enough money
to buy the right to live forever,
and to save his one body
from rotting in the grave.
Look, wise people die
the same as fools and the stupid people.
They die and leave their wealth
to other people.
The grave will be their new home
forever and ever.
And how much land they owned
won´t make any difference!
People might be wealthy,
but they can´t stay forever.
They will just die like animals.
That is what happens to those foolish people
who are so pleased with their wealth.
Those people are just like sheep.
The grave will be their pen.
Death will be their shepherd.

Don´t be afraid of people
just because they are rich.
Don´t be afraid of people
just because they have big fancy houses.
Those people won´t take a thing with them
when they die.
They will not take any of those
beautiful things with them,
A wealthy person might really
congratulate himself
on how well he has done in life.
And yes, even other people might
praise him for how well he had done
for himself.
But the time will come for him to die,
and go to his ancestors.
And he will never again
see the light of the day.
People might be wealthy,
and still not understand.
They will die just like the animals.

God says,
"Call for me when you have troubles!
I will help you.
And then you can honor me."


Mari said...

Yup, rich people end up in the grave, too...and they are eaten by worms...and they become dust, just like anybody else. Pare-pareho na tayo pagnailibing na. Maganda nga lang ang kahon nila. LOL

Heart of Rachel said...

Such a beautiful poem. Thank you Vicki for spreading some happiness, encouragement and inspiration my way.

razzy said...

why should i be afraid?? --nothing to be afraid of, if we have faith in Him... Naalala ko lang niece ko, nun first time sya nagschool, un mga classmate nya iyak ng iyak, sya hindi..
my bro(her dad) asked her, y didnt you cry?? she simply replied, "because God is with me" Tapos naalala ng kuya ko, lagi nila sinasabi un kay Mithi.. :)

amy said...

"people won´t take a thing with them
when they die" tinoud jud ni manay! thanks a lot for sharing..

sasha said...

So true... why worry when you pray? Yan nga sabi ng iba pa :)

Trust the Lord and He will surely lead the way.

God bless sa buong family, te vk! :)

kookie said...

this is great post mahal..thanks for keep trying to get hold of me for few na really appreciated...sori na bz imo miga ...i will make it up tc always miss yah.