Nov 8, 2007

HAPPY FALL TO ALL....................

Maraming Salamat sa Visit nyo sa amin. Maraming-marami pong Salamat.
Tahimik muna ako. Pero pag-active or nandito na ako, bisita ako sa inyong lahat. Sorry po, kung meron akong hindi pa nabisita ha?
Basta, pagbalik ko dito, bisita ako sa inyo lahat.

Maraming Salamat sa iyo, Heart of Rachel -, for having an Award as "First Class Friendship Award"

  • Vicki ~ You're such a sweet friend. I'm grateful for your sweet surprises and wonderful e-mails. Thank you for putting a special post on your blog to help me in KK's contest. I'm overwhelmed how you made it a point to end every new post in your blog with a reminder to your friends to help me in the contest. A gesture I will never forget.

Maraming Salamat, Norm for having this "CREATIVE AWARD "
Thanks for giving me this creative award. I really appreciate it.

Sa inyo, Lily, Bless-Baby, Diwatang -Byaning, Darlene, Norm , Rachel at SZ sa mga Tagged nyo na hindi ko talaga nagawa. Please, I am very sorry for not making and replying it.

Hope, Tagged pa kayo sa akin ulit, siguro sa time na yon, maka Concentrate na akong gumawa.
Pero natuwa ako, sali ako sa Tagged nyo, means you remember me. Maraming Salamat ha?

Sigi po, Say na lang ako sa inyong lahat.......................Happy Fall to All

enjoy it, kahit malamig at madilim na.

Hugs to all...................................

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"we may be alone sometimes, but it doesn't mean that we're lonely. Loneliness is a state of mind, you dont need people to notice you, if you're confident and be at peace with your self, then they are just icing on the cake. be happy always."

dra. tess


ladyracs said...

Happy Fall sab dinha dae Vicky...musta na ang beauty? Di gyud malimtan basta friend nga buotan. TC always and Have a blessed weekend!

Mari said...

Yes, it's autumn and the leaves have fallen, from the trees and covered the ground. It's getting colder every day...and right now (11:55 PM) I am getting cold here. Better get to bed.

Good night, Vicki. said...

WOW basta kaliwat ni Imelda daghan jud magmahal uy....hehehehe!

Happy weekend diha ninyo vikai.

Heart of Rachel said...

You're welcome Vicki. I'm back to let you know I awarded you with another great award. Please come by when you're not busy.

Happy Sunday!

ann said...

Bakasyon ka ba sa pinas? Anyway, enjoy!

God bless!

gLoR!e said...

happy fall!:)

asa diay ka mam? segi e welcome ka dayun ig balik nimo ha..

happy sunday!:)

miss you!:)

Midas said...

Happy Fall Vicki...I just wish wala ko gisip-on...sigig luha pa gyod akong mata.

ZJ said...

Ate Vicki, okay ra kaayo nako uy. Pag-ayu-ayo baya diha. Naghinaut jud ko nga maayo lang ka diha pirmi.

ghee said...

Happy Fall,Vickie!saan ka pupunta?ok,take your time and were just here waiting for you :)

wishing you a nice week ahead!


sasha said...

Happy Fall, ate vk! :) Pagbalik mo kunin mo award mo sa akin ha?

Take care and God bless sa buong family! :)

MariK said...

I like that "if youre confident and be at peace with yourself..." its true and thats how I am now that I am older. when I was young, I cared about what everyone thinks of me. Now, I dont care because I am confident and independent. But yet, enjoy friends. Especially those who are confident too and dont judge each other. Happy Fall Vicki & hope you have a happy Thanksgiving (its this Thurs here in the USA).

joy-joy said...

miss u tita vicki...

diwatang_byaning said...

aba may tag pala ako dito... sige babalikan ko ito tita!

sige na nga, happy fall! ayaw ko kasi ng fall, anlamig-lamig... lilipat na ako sa equator lol