Jun 8, 2007

Want to Share only.........


this place is around 125 kms, away from our place...

When in Rome do as the Romans and when in Germany...you get the point. Here are some ways to avoid committing a faux pas while in Germany.

Shaking hands

Shaking hands is an important part of German culture. It is customary to shake someone's hand when you meet them for the first time, and at every subsequent meeting as well.

At business meetings and some social meetings, it's expected that each participant shake everyone else's hand upon arriving and again when leaving.


In more casual relationships, a friend may offer their cheek instead of their hand. It's common for friends in Germany to lightly kiss each other on both cheeks when they see each other. At least they kiss the air next to the other person's cheek. Though German cheek-kissing isn't quite as ingrained as in other European countries, it can still be intimidating for visitors who may be accustomed to cultures where personal space is more sacred.


In addition to "Herr" (Mr.) and "Frau" (Ms.), academic and noble titles are quite important in Germany. Even if it may sound cumbersome, don't forget to include them when speaking with someone. They come after "Herr" or "Frau," for example "Herr Dr. Keller" or "Frau Prof. von Henkel." Even double titles, such as "Frau Prof. Dr. Schumann," aren't shortened or omitted.

The word "Fräulein," is an old-fashioned word for "Miss" and is no longer in use. Instead, it has been replaced with the more neutral word "Frau," which is equivalent to "Ms" and gives no indication of a woman's marital status. Do not use "Fräulein," as you are likely to offend someone.


German punctuality is more than just a stereotype -- it's also common practice. Being on time is an important part of social etiquette.

For business meetings and other important appointments, it is a good idea to arrive a few minutes early. Being late or rushing makes a bad impression -- especially when everyone else is punctual.

As for private appointments with friends and acquaintances, being "fashionably late" is impolite in Germany. Arrive at the time you have arranged, as being tardy may put a damper on the evening. The more guests there are, however, the wider the window of time is within which it is still appropriate to show up.

Being invited

When you are invited to a private home in Germany for dinner or for afternoon coffee and cake, it's a good idea to bring a small gift for the host or hostess. Flowers are always welcome. Just be sure to bring an odd number of buds, as an even number is said to bring bad luck. Wine or candies are also appropriate to bring.

And these are some feedbacks about visiting Germany......

Once you visit Germany, you want to return again and again. I could go on and on about what I enjoy about Germany. Beginning with the delicious food, especially the breakfast, Spätzle, Nürnberger sausage, the high quality of draught beer, the Autobahn and excellent driving etiquette, polite and courteous people, beer gardens, the Black Forest, Bavaria, the history in Berlin, and lots more. I can't wait to return to Germany! - Scott M.

I visited Germany a few years ago for a two-month study course. Impressions of Germany from pictures and books had been rooted in my mind since my childhood. In my mind, Germany is not just a modern country, but also a country with a long history and legends, including Hansel und Gretel, Walpurgistnacht, etc. I've been in Canada and the US. They're just modern countries. I barely found the aroma of their roots. But in Germany, despite its modernity, you still can sense her past history marked with castles here and there. When arriving at the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig I sighed with joy. I touched the tomb of my favorite composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Traveling in Germany fulfills my idea of a great country. - Johannes Sebastian

Please, come and visit Germany, experience the Hospitality, Culture, Foods and Friendship of German.

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply, Speak kindly.

Happy weekend again, to all my friends................ vicky


Darlene said...

Mao lagi manay gusto ko muanha sa germany,baylo ta hehehehehe.Manay nabasahan nako imong komentaryo kang Haze abi nako understand nato nimo akong tagay nimo.Ok lang woi kung unsaon nimo pagdawat imong tagay walay problema hehehehe.Kung gusto ko ing atoon nimo nga mga gikalagutan nimo pwede pod aron unique ba hehehehe.OK manay okies na?nagkasinabot nata ha?
Happy weekend manay & godbless you & to your family as well!

tina said...

aww... pirmmi nako mabasa sa libro ang word nga "Fräulein" ganahan sad ko ba. hehehe. :P

salamat ani ubay2x sad ako natun-an sa life sa germany.. ug ilang culture... :p

Che said...

Now kabalo nako....but shaking hands lang ako Vik..anha unya ko dina sa inyo ha.....hehhhe..Happy Sunday..tc

Lily said...

HAPPY SUNDAY ninyo dinha Vickie and family. na hala karon lang sab ko ka laag sa mga kahigalaan grabeh kong motukar ang tapos ay di gyud ka laag sa bisan asa. bitaw kahibalo na baya ko ani nila gamay lang,pero na oi wala man ko dinhe ka istorya nga German puro man mga English ang akong katabi or di kaya ako miga nga pinay sab, so wala gyud nako ma praktis ang german culture Bon. mo doko man ilang ulo nako inig mo great sa dalan dala "ingon morgen" ako sab duko dala ingon morgen hehehehe na pastilan baya oi,pero nindot gyud bitaw germany daghan kaau mo mga palasyo dinhe kadagko ra ba gyud kaau. nahan ko sa balck forest bisan wala ko ka adto sa picture lang na shalan nindot gyud kaau bah,din mga ruin palace nahan kaau matag barrio ata naa ko makita. o hala sige Bonbon adto sa ko karong lang gyud ko ka time balik dinhe lili sa imong balay pasensya kana ha. take care and enjoy the sunday.

missP said...

elow.. thanks for sharing this kaayo. ubay-ubay na biya pod ko diri sa germany, but somehow, naka limtan na nako ang uban aning imo pointers.. hehehe..okay, now excuses or alibis now!? ;)

Pepe said...

I wish you will too Vk....! =D If it's well planned, you will really enjoy it here....! Kumusta na pala....? Hindi na rin kasi ako nag-iikot kasi busy na sa work....! =)

julai said...

Hi Ate Vk,musta na??musta ang imong weekend??hope you had a nice one..
thanks for the info about Germany ate..wapa laba ko kaadto..lami unta makaadto pod ko pohon2x..

ara na inita dri ate oiii..di na ko gnahan mogawas kay grabe angi nit murag mamaak sa panit..init na pod diha sa inju ate??

chase said...

Thanks for the tip ate! But I do learned alot of German culture since I do have a share of German friends here who are exchanged students. As far as I noticed most people from southern Europe are more into the beso thing

SexyMom said...

nakakaenganyo talagang bumisita ng germany. parang ang linis ng hangin, ang linis ng surroundings, and ang gaganda ng mga puno, parks at lahat.

and about the kissing and shaking hands, that is also already practised here.

pero yung sa imbitasyon, parang hindi pa rin yata maalis ang practice na pag inimbita ang isang pinoy, kung pwede nga lang ay dala lahat ang buong barangay. dapat na talagang matuto ang pinoy na pag inimbita sa kasal ang mag-asawa, hwag sumama ang loob at hindi inimbita ang buong mag-anak. kawawa naman ang host-siyempre may budget sya sa kanyang reception sa hotel or restaurant. buti sana kung sa house lang.

alam ko, you are still pinoy at heart, here's wishing you HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

sasha said...

Ngaun lang uli nakadalaw ate vk kasi nagkasakit :(

Musta na po? Naku salamat sa mga tips! Germany is one of the countries I would like to visit someday talaga, next to Japan :)

Nakakatuwa kasi at least ngaun alam ko na na dapat may bitbit palang gift kapag na-invite ka :)