May 19, 2007

Castle-Garden Schwetzingen

Yesterday, the weather was so nice, not so warm and not so cold, it has fresh weather, I would say.
We went to SCHWETZINGEN CASTLE, but we only visited the Garden, but you can also have some tour in the Castle.
The garden Entrance fee is only 4 Euro and 4 Euro also in the Castle.
This is not far from us, around 30 kms. It’s only 20 mins, for us to drive.

I visited this Garden before the first time I am here. That was also May, 1988, I forgot already the date, but I remember, month of May, Bernie was still courting me on that time. And we have our first Date on this Garden......
I may show you our first Pics. And our first Date.........19 yrs,

And yesterday, we got pics, too, here is it.....I can say, before and after.....after 19 yrs. we’re here, posing,

We live not so far from this garden. But I visited only 2 times.......
They have different Chinese garden, Turkey, English, French, Russian, and many more kinds of garden.

It is nice to have a walk there, a week stress with our daily works or in the house....Just only take a walk out there, then you feel happy and enjoy your day, with the breeze of the Air, the Tweet and Sing of Birds, the people around you, the different kind of Trees, the Flowers or just go in the Garden Restaurant, sip a cup of Mosbacher Coffee..............

then your Day, you are Satisfied and Tank of energy for the next Day or week,.

We have so many pics, and posing, if you have time, please view it, just IGNORE our faces there, and just only imagine that you are also in the Garden. Please click this; MYPHOTOALBUM...........hope you enjoy viewing our pics.

Here I have also a Father’s Day picture of Bernie..................thanks he agrees that I take some snap of him.

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carlota said...

wow how sweet naman....gibalikan ang 1st date place. great fotos as always Vk.

sir Bernie maau kaau pagka model.

Nahan ko anang imong pics gasandig ka sa tree. very nice place.

chase said...

Look at you two. You look so great together ate. The last picture of you is just fab!

janine said...

astilan ka sweet oio..mura ra gihapon bag-o pa na couple..bitaw you truely love each other k bisan first date na nomdoman pa..hmm kalimot naman gani ko unsa to among first date ni greg..kalimot ko sa date..hahahahha

bitaw dae vk you both look good..keep that love always burning in your heart..take care and have a fun weekened..

ann said...

Parang kuha ng mga artista noon yung 1st pics nyo, ang sweet naman.

Ang linis ng garden na yan , preskong-presko ang dating. Iba talaga kapag berde ang paligid, dito kasi more on brown...hehehe. Tuyot na tuyot lalo ngayon papaakyat na ang temperature.

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oi wala ko kaila sa mega ko dalaga heheheheh.......... kanindot god dah... sus ka grabi nimo Vk oi, sa primiro, ug karon ka pa kabalik didto ah moy grabiha nimo, na duol ra man unta...... mao lagi ug asa duol dili adtuon kay duol ra man ..... murag kapoy........ nindot sa pic Vk, sa before ug after mao ra gihapon heheheh wafa ra gihapon .............

juLai said...

Hi Ate Vick,good day.wowww ka sweet jud ninju oiii..maikag man pod ko..aheheh..
Ate mas sexy ka karon kay sa sa 19 years ago..
Nice kaayo ang garden ate...nice place to have a date..ahehehe

Happy monday ate..

Darlene said...

Wow nice place indeed.You both look great in the picture miss viki.The place is so lovely.It's perfect for a couple like you guys.
Happy monday!

juliet said...

Yes, btw! parang artista kayo sa pics nyo..lovely together! & sexy mo din!..,,it`s really a nice place over there! and i enjoyed viewing all ur pix..thx 4 sharing...happy tuesday 2 u and ur family..

take care and God bless!

i`ll add u n my list ok?

ghee said...

woww..before and after 19 yrs,you became sweeter pa yata than before :)

a very nice couple :)
i love the cakes,i love the view,so pleant to the eyes talaga...hayyy,sarap magpunta sa europe,sana someday,makadalaw din ako jan :)

keep up the love and the fire burnin!!

Mari said...

The garden looks very serene, a nice place to relieve stress.

You make a great looking couple, handsome couple, and after 19 years still lovey dovey. How sweet is that?

ladyracs said...

Bitaw Dae Vicki oi, after 19 years, sweeter than ever lang gihapon, ,mao nay gugma nga tinud-anay, mo samot, di masawaan.

Great photos, very lovely couple, hhahaha, nag model man lagi na imong darling, looking great. Maayo gyud pagkatakud, grabing gugma kay pagbigyan gyud ang asawa, posing to the max sab, enjoy sab ko tan-aw.

Tuod, na aff diay naku akong comments, ambot ngano, basin anak ra sab naku ang nga pislit ato kay wa man gyud ko nakahinumdom.

Thans for sharing, Godbles!

SexyMom said...

good you were able to keep that 19-yr old picture. the before and after pictures look great--pero mukhang mas sweet pa yata yung after. yung before, parang shy ka pa.

the pictures are great, the gardens are simply beautiful. and the celebrant on father's day looks gorgeous.

but of course, you look very beautiful and peaceful in the last picture!!!

krystyna said...

Hi Vicky!
You know how I love your beautiful place! There are always beauty, comfort and wonderful people!
Blessings to you and your family!